How to Deal with Cramps on a Flight

When working as a Flight Attendant I had the misfortune of having to fly multiple flights a day when it feels like someone is stabbing my insides and all I want to do is die of pain curled up in a ball with a hot pack. There’s no avoiding it, you have to catch your flight or in my case – I had to go to work. So how do you survive flying (and for some of you, working) with cramps?

1. Stay hydrated

Cramps are 20x worse when you’re dehydrated.. and air travel + your period will definitely dehydrate you. Make sure you bring a water bottle on the plane with you and that you’re drinking more water than normal. If possible also avoid things like caffeine and alcohol which will just make you more dehydrated and the pain worse.

2. Take an anti-inflammatory 

Always good to bring these with you when you travel anyway (especially to avoid paying way too much for them at the airport)! Take the recommended dosage on the bottle and try to take your first one before even getting to the airport.

3. Move Around 

Sometimes sitting down will actually make the cramps worse. If you’re in the airport try to walk around and get moving. On the plane, if the seatbelt sign is off and you feel safe to do so then get up and move around a bit to help reduce the pain.

4. DIY Hot Pack

This was my favourite thing to do when I had cramps and it works super well. Just take a plastic water bottle and fill it with hot water and then use it was a hot pack! If you are in the airport you could go ask Starbucks or another coffee shop to fill it with hot water and if you’re in the air just ask the Flight Attendants.

5. Take a gravol and sleep through the pain

I mean, if nothing else is working then might as well pop a drowsy inducing medicine and take a nap for a few hours.. maybe you’ll feel better when you wake up!

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and then don’t forget to celebrate when the cramps are gone!

xx, S

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