50 Things I’m Grateful For

This year marks year 5 of my little tradition where I list 50 things I’m grateful for today to celebrate Thanksgiving. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know this all started when I was on an exchange in France while in university. I was coming home from a weekend in Spain (I know, hard life), and it wasn’t until I was eating my stale rice cake in the airport that I realized my crazy family was back home all together eating our weird rendition of Italian-Canadian thanksgiving food. Instead of being bummed I wasn’t there (something I got very used to the next passing years while working as a Flight Attendant), I decided to write down 50 things I was grateful for in that moment and have done the same every year since. Here’s 2018’s grateful for list:



2. A fridge full of food (and full of lasagna and turkey right now)

3. A good cup of coffee

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

4. Travelling


5. And all the places I got to see this year; including visiting TWO new continents

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6. Also having a trip planned to visit South America for the first time

7. All the people I’ve met travelling

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8. All the new friends I’ve made this year

9. My best pals ❤ (missing the bride & groom tho)


10. Also friends who you can go long periods of time without seeing yet the friendship stays just as strong

11. Overcoming my fears and getting my PADI open water diving certification


12. Having the experience to explore some of the worlds most beautiful underworld areas

G1081945 2

13. FEMINISTS; I say this every year, but I have not meant it more than I do this year.

14. People who stand up and say something when things aren’t right

15. KIND people

16. Also people with good sense of humour

17. That all the challenges this year brought only led to better things

18. Getting to travel in Southeast Asia (finalllyyyyyyyy)

IMG_2220 2

19. Having a partner who will join me on spontaneous adventures to random places


20. People who support me and help me achieve my goals

21. Photography and my camera



23. All the new skills I’ve been able to do with my new routine (aka staying in the same city for more than 3 days). I’ve become an avid knitter, baker, potter and 80 year old woman.

24. Hiking

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25. Warm blankets

26. Sunrises and sunsets and all those moments that make you feel so small in the world

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27. Sitting on a beach drinking an ice coffee

28. Drives through mountains

Processed with VSCO with kp1 preset

29. This amazing and beautiful planet!!


30. Cozy sweaters

31. Cuddles

32. Exercise and running

33. A glass of wine and a great conversation


34. My cozy bed

35. Getting to do new things and explore new places

36. Knowing all the amazing places I’ll get to explore next year

37. A good book and having a job that allowed me time to read for fun

38. All the people who made working at Westjet so damn fun

IMG_2145 (1)


40. Getting into the social work program and being able to complete this degree in 1 year

41. That I’m able to live at home while going to school

42. Having food in my fridge!!! Did I mention that already? I think I’m just super grateful for it #blessup #eatup

43. All the places to explore in Thunder Bay

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

44. Friends who are willing to go on spontaneous hikes and adventures with me

45. The colours trees turn in the fall

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

46. Hot yoga on cold days

47. Family; this year we lost our grandpa a few days before thanksgiving. There’s never an easy way to grieve a loss, but it’s somehow always easier with family around. I’m extra grateful that almost everyone (sorry Sabrina) was in town this past weekend.

48. This guy!!! Grateful for you every day. Grateful for all the little things you do like bring me a good coffee when I’m studying or being by my side when I’m stressed out. You’ve been a gem this year, like every year and I’m so happy you’re in my life.


Also grateful that you carry my bags.


49. To be born into a life of privilege and opportunity

IMG_2157 (1)

50. To live the life I want

Saying bye to Bacalar - Hello Belize!

Happy Thanksgiving ❤

xx, S

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