Southeast Asia: 2 Month Budget

When I went to budget for my two month trip to Asia, I was looking at how I could spend as little as possible, forgetting that I’ve grown pretty accustomed to nice private hotels rooms through my job as a flight attendant. After a few weeks in Asia, picking some of the cheapest hostels, transportation and trying to do all of my own self-guided tours, I realized that I needed to splurge in certain areas and definitely needed my own room sometimes. So this budget will be most reflective for those solo travellers who enjoy having a private room every so often and would like to find a good balance of the most convenient and least expensive route when travelling.

Quick Itinerary: 
Hong Kong – 2 nights
Thailand – 2 weeks
Singapore – 2 nights
The Philippines – 2 weeks
Indonesia – 3 weeks
Malaysia – 1 week
Hong Kong – 1 night

* all prices are in Canadian (CAD) dollars.
** all prices reflect a solo female traveller except in Thailand when my partner joined me for two weeks.
*** accommodation is a mixture of hostel dorms, guesthouses, and hotels.


Hong Kong to Chiang Mai $50
Chiang Mai to Bangkok $30
Bangkok to Krabi $46
Phuket to Cebu with 2 day stopover in Singapore $172
Cebu to Puerto Princesa $29
Puerto Princesa to Manila $42
Manila to DPS, Bali $120
Bali to Kuala Lumpur $80
Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong $82

TOTAL: $651


Hong Kong x2 $60
Chiang Mai x2 $20
Bangkok x2 $30
Railay x3 $75
Koh Lanta x3 $100
Phuket x1 $20
Singapore x2 $20
Cebu x1 $9
Moalboal x7 $8 + 1 night free 57
Puerto Princesa x2 $9
El Nido x3 $30
Canggu x3 $20
Ubud x4 $10
Gili Air x5 $15 75
Gili T x1 $13
Amed x3 $7
Nusa Lembongan x2 $15
Seminyak x2 $12
Kuala Lumpur x2 $10
Cameron highlands x2 $8
Kuala Lumpur x2 $40
Hong Kong x1 $17

2 weeks with partner in private accommodation: $387.5
6 weeks solo in dorms/private: $610


Ground Transportation

Hong Kong train round trip downtown $20
Star ferry Hong Kong $3
Tuk tuk airport to hostel Chiang Mai $6
Bangkok bus/ferry $0.40, MRT $1.75
Taxi Bangkok to airbnb $12
Airbnb to BKK $17
Krabi to Ao Nang bus $6
Ao Nang long tail boat to Railay $4
Krabi to koh Lanta $22
Koh Lanta to Phuket (hotel to hotel) via ferry and bus $28
Taxi Cebu airport to hostel Napu Napu island 9$
Taxi from Napu Napu island to Cebu bus station $12
Bus Cebu to Moalboal $2
Taxi to Cebu airport $42
Bali taxi airport to canggu $17
Canggu to ubud $15
Ubud to Gili Air $17
Gili Air to gili T $7 (or $3.50 twice a day)
Gili T to Amed $21
Amed to Nusa Lembongan $21
Nusa Lembongan to Seminyak ferry + taxi $26
Seminyak to airport $12
Kuala Lumpur airport to bus station $10
bus station to city centre $2
City centre back to bus station $2
Bus Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands Return $22
bus station to city centre $2
City centre back to airport $10
Hong Kong train round trip downtown $20



Thailand Meal 50-150 baht 
Hong Kong Meal 15-20 CAD
Singapore Meal 15-30 CAD
Philippines Meal 200-300 PHP
Indonesia Local Meal 25-45,000 RP; smoothie bowl/western food 55-100,000 RP


Tours & Activities 

Victoria Peak Hong Kong $15
Thai Massage 1 hour Chiang Mai $9
Elephant visit Chiang Mai $60
Food Massage 1/2 hour Bangkok $6 
Kayak Rental Railay beach $8 
4 island tour Koh Lanta $44
Singapore cloud forest entrance 16$
PADI open water Moalboal $375
Fun dive Moalboal $25
Whale sharks swim Oslob $50

Island hopping El Nido $36
Yoga 3 classes Gili Air $30
Snorkeling Nusa Lembongan $20

TOTAL: $694

International Flight 

Thunder Bay (Canada) to Hong Kong return  $1,100


and now I have SEVERE wanderlust. Someone take me with you!! 

xx, S

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