Eating Gluten Free in Asia

For my fellow celiac/gluten free friends here’s a real guide to eating gluten free in Asia. Before I came here, before I go anywhere, I always look up best gluten free food in the area. I love food – its one of the greatest pleasures of travelling so I want to enjoy gluten free food around the world and always find out where I can find the best restaurants that serve gluten free options.

Here’s the thing… I kept reading posts from bloggers naming “gluten free” restaurants to go eat at in Asia and then when I would get to the city, I would check out a few of these restaurants each time. Yet what I found was that almost 9/10 times in Asia these “gluten free” restaurants didn’t actually have “gluten free options”, they simply offered naturally gluten free food.. like most restaurants in Asia. Which is great! We can eat it! But the gluten free restaurants suggested to check out by most blogs were not special from any other place…. it was the same naturally gluten free food (i.e. Rice and chicken) that you would find anywhere.

SO I guess I’m just writing this post to say, that after looking for gluten free foods in Asia and doing my best to find gluten free options (I’m mostly talking about options like gluten free baked goods, pasta, pizza, breads, etc), I have come to the conclusion that they are very hard to come by in Asia. Even at grocery stores there’s no gluten free section, not even rice crackers or anything like that either.

Now, you will not go hungry here at all. You might miss bread in your life but a lot of the food here is naturally gluten free which means you can enjoy without worrying and going hungry.

The only place I actually found gluten free food was in Bali. In Canggu I found some delicious gluten free bakeries that offered some amazing baked goods, pancakes, waffles and all sorts of yummy things you will be craving!

I hope this post helps for my fellow gluten free travellers out there, and I hope you enjoy all the delicious food in Asia!

xx, S

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