10 Tips for Backpacking Bali

1. Negotiate prices for EVERYTHING. Bali is notorious for bartering so its best to always try and negotiate prices especially for transportation in order to get a fair price.

2. Use Uber, Bluebird or Grab for transportation – but beware, there are signs in many areas that don’t allow these services as they are much cheaper than taxis and therefore “take away from the taxi industry.” Taxi drivers will even tell you these other transportation services are illegal but from my research they aren’t actually illegal but there are certain streets that try to ban them. You may need to walk down the street to get to your uber so if you’re using these services be kind and patient!

3. Eat local food at “Warungs” aka local restaurants. Some of my fave dishes include Nasi goreng, Mei Goreng, Cap Cay, and curries (for soo cheap)!

4. Beware of MSG and “Bali-Belly.” I never got sick sick there but there were times that my stomach was not feeling it’s best, and a lot of people attribute this to the amount of MSG used at a lot of restaurants (not just warungs).

5. When looking up accommodation make sure you check out guesthouses. There are plenty here for very cheap and you get your own room, often with a pool too!

6. That being said.. always inform guesthouse owners when you’ll be arriving as they don’t typically have a “front desk” and so if you’re coming in at an odd hour you’ll want to make sure someone is there to let you in.

7. Breakfast is included in a lot of accommodations so make sure you check this before booking.

8. Consider getting a SIM card for the driving apps like Blue bird and grab as wifi can be pretty spotty.

9. Hot showers are not as common as you’d like if you’re travelling on a budget so prepare yourself and shower during the day when it’s nice and hot outside.

10. They use real coffee grains as instant coffee… which obviously does not work so well. If you are a coffee fanatic a latte will set you back about 30,000 RP otherwise wait for the grains to settle and then drink up …. but don’t drink the bottom of the glass!

Enjoy Bali babes!!!

xx, S

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