10 Tips for Backpacking the Gili Islands

1. The power goes out often here and can stay out for a few hours so be prepared.. and be patient!

2. That being said the wifi also sucks at most places… but you’re on a beautiful island so who needs wifi anyways.

3. There are movie nights on the beach if you pay for a meal & drink combo (usually about 100,000RP)

4. Drinks on the beach can be expensive but every place has great happy hour sunset deals.. and the sunset on the beach is not to be missed!

5. There are lots of signs selling shrooms and other drugs on Gili T but don’t forget that they are illegal and in Indonesia it’s punishable by life in prison. Be careful and smart!!

6. If you’re booking a hiking trip to Rinjani or boat trip to Komodo Island from the Gilis be careful of the tours they sell on the beach because they have terrible reviews despite the great prices

7. There are places to do and learn yoga on each island… I’d recommend H20 Yoga on Gili Air!

8. There are no motor vehicles on the island, just horse and cart but you should never ever ever take these for a ride!!!! They treat the horses so poorly and there have been many complaints about the treatment of the horses here. You can rent a bike for very cheap to get around the island which I would highly recommend!

9. There are many places to get certified as an open water diver, and reviews that the diving around here is excellent. If you’re not interested in diving then there are many snorkel trips available or just rent a snorkel and go find some turtles swimming near the island!

10. Remember that you’re on island time and to treat the island with love and respect so that it doesn’t get ruined by all the tourism.

Enjoy the Gilis!!!

xx, S

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