10 Tips for Backpacking Thailand

1. Eat all the Thai food physically possible!!! So cheap and so tasty!!

2. But be careful that your food is cooked properly, especially on little islands or Railay, where the food needs to be brought in from a long tail boat.

3. It is insanely easy to get around – everything is very well set up for tourists. When you land at an airport, you’ll find it so efficient to find a bus/tuk tuk to get to where you’re going next.

4. Flights are really cheap domestically and buses are even cheaper. So pick which works best for you depending on your time and budget.

5. Island hopping tours will be packed with tourists at every stop you make. There’s no avoiding this so best to just be prepared and make the most of everything.

6. Prices of tours can add up compared to the cheap cost of accommodation and food.

7. If you want to try to avoid the crowds then go to the places least talked about and travelled and you will be happily rewarded! Best to ask locals for where to travel.

8. Travelling to places during “off-season” can sometimes help to get more of a quiet and relaxed Thai vacation, but beware that many restaurants and stores will be closed.

9. Bypass elephant tourism! Definitely do not go to places that ride elephants, and if you really want to see an elephant make sure you do lots of research on the place that you go to and pick one that is reputable and treats the elephants with love.

10. Treat this beautiful country with respect, it’s been overrun by tourism in the last decade and us tourists need to always be mindful of the culture and respect the land!

Enjoy all that Pad Thai (UGH YUM) and have fun in this beautiful country!!

xx, S

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