10 Must Haves in Your Carry-On Bag

1. A Scarf

A scarf is my favourite travel accessory. You can use it as a pillow or as a blanket if it gets a little chilly (which it normally does). It’s also a good idea to wear layers when travelling because you’ll experience all temperatures – from stinkin’ hot waiting in lines and running to gates, to freezing on the planes, back to hot when you’re deplaning and going through customs.

2. Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Best way to have a decent nap on a plane! Even when the flight attendants turn down those lights sometimes they’re still too bright and you to tune out the people around you with earplugs so you aren’t woken up once you finally get to sleep.

3. Medical Kit – Pepto, Gravol, and Melatonin

Melatonin is my go-to for kicking jet lag. When I start a long journey I always try to immediately switch to the time zone I’m going to and use melatonin to adjust. It’s natural and it works great for me! Make sure you have those medical necessities though just in case. Gravol, Pepto and Immodium can go a long way!

4. Good Headphones

Travelling with good headphones makes such a huge difference. I recently got a set of noise cancelling headphones and it makes the biggest different on a plane. It’s unbelievable how loud that environment is so a good set of headphones can really help you relax!

6. Fully Charged Electronic Devices

Never rely on the outlets on the plane. I repeat: never rely on the outlets on the place! Now a days we often have our boarding passes on our phones and other essential information for when we arrive. Be responsible and make sure your devices are charged, because the outlet might not work and you need to think ahead!

7. Makeup Remover and Wipes

These are especially helpful for long haul flights. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) fall asleep with makeup on, and you shouldn’t fly all day and night with it on either. That mixed with airplane air and sweat from long lines and being crammed in small places will make your skin go crazy. So just like you would anywhere else, take off your makeup before going to sleep on the plane! Wipes are also helpful to clean your body if you have multiple flights and haven’t had a place to rinse off.

8. Entertainment

Never trust the entertainment system on the plane. Wow I really don’t trust plane systems eh? But serioussssly it could fail or not be working and you will be very cranky you didn’t plan ahead. Always bring things to entertain yourself: Ipad with movies, a book, journal, magazines, sudoku, etc.

9. Large Water Bottle

Always buy some water before getting on the plane. You will need it!!! Flying dehydrates you like crazy so make sure that you’re consistently hydrating yourself.

10. Healthy Snacks

Although we’re all tempted to buy some of that (insanely expensive) candy and chocoalate at the airport to bring on the plane it’s really best to avoid it. Travelling and long haul flights take a lot out of your body, and if you want to feel as best as possible when you get to your destination then pack healthy snacks that will give your body good energy.

xx, S

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