10 Tips for Backpacking Malaysia

1. Although Malaysia is a modern country, it is much more conservative than neighbouring southeast Asian countries, so make sure you dress and act respectfully

2. From what I experienced people here were extremely friendly and chatty on the subway and bus stations so don’t be surprised if someone wants to chat with you as a tourist, but also be respectful that many are very reserved

3. Food can be very cheap but don’t assume the quality of the food by what the restaurant looks like on the outside, some of my favourite restaurants in Kuala Lumpur were hidden away

4. Street food is also very popular and tasty! Definitely try my fave – skewers and peanut sauce (ugh yummm)

5. Buses are easy to use but can fill up quick if there’s a holiday so best to book in advance (or end up with sold out tickets for 2 days like I did lol whoops)

6. Transportation here is clean and easy to use – buses typically run on time, and the subway system in Kuala Lumpur is advanced and works great

7. You can get downtown Kuala Lumpur easily by taking a fast train or if you want to save money, taking a bus from the airport

8. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Kuala Lumpur thats a bit more “luxurious” and with an infinity pool then look on airbnb where there are plenty of options for cheap!

9. If you love hiking and the outdoors, head to the Cameron Highlands and explore the tea fields

10. I never went to Langkawi myself as I didn’t have enough time, but I heard reviews raving this island for its diving and beauty

Enjoy this magical country!

xx, S

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