Life Update!

Hello my lovely blog followers! It has been a very long time since I have been able to write and share any of my recent travel adventures so I figured it was a perfect time to write a life update and let you all know what’s been happening.

I moved back from Uganda at the end of June as my visa had expired, I wasn’t making any money and I needed to figure out what my next step was. I loved my time in Uganda, despite all the frustrations and road blocks that existed in child protection I learnt a lot and was able to work within the current Ugandan systems and politics to create an after school girl empowerment group called Girls Strong. Currently there are thirty girls in the group split between girls in primary 6 and primary 7 classes and run by 3 women in the community. While communication has been difficult between here and there, I have received updates that they continue to meet bi-weekly and the girls are finding it super helpful (YAY!). Through donations we were able to supply the 20 girls who had started their periods with menstrual cups (as before they didn’t have any pads or underwear) and today (now that I finally have a job again and am more settled – more on that later woo!) I get to send the remaining 10 girls their menstrual cups!!! These girls haven’t started their periods yet but were promised they would get theirs before they left primary 7 this November. ❤

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the coolest girl squad I’ve ever been a part of 

After my adventures in Uganda I returned home to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada where I proceeded to sit outside in the sun with my dog for 4 weeks applying to jobs and relaxing.

I also decided to start wearing fake hair AND I LOVE IT! My hair has been slowly thinning the last few years – nothing drastic but considering I already have very fine and thin hair it’s not great. Basically if I have the option to wear this gorgeous hair that my bio hair could never match in a million years then why the heck not. I’m going to stick with this one for at least the year.. but don’t be surprised if I start having fun with this and going from having a short bob to long ombre hair in the same week at some point in my life hahah!

My partner and I were looking at moving to Northern Canada for a few years to work and experience life in the North. We had been applying across the territories and ended up both getting offered positions in Whitehorse, Yukon – aka we could not have lucked out any more! Within the week we had packed our cars and were on the road for our 5000 km, 5 day road trip across Canada to the beautiful Yukon Territory.

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We arrived here at the start of August and it has just been very busy ever since. By now we have gotten more adjusted to our new jobs, have joined a curling beer league (the most northern thing to do) and are getting ready for the winter darkness. So far we love it up here – it had been quite an adjustment with our new jobs, new apartment, new city, coming from Uganda, etc. etc. etc. but now that we’ve settled a bit we’re getting so busy with all the things to do here that we’re complaining about having too much happening – which is awesome.

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I’m hoping to get back to weekly blog posts now and maybe catch up on my posts from Ecuador and Uganda before our next adventures… hello Scotland for Christmas and Panama and Colombia in February!

xx, S

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