Travel Blogging During a Pandemic

The last trip I went on before global travel shut down was Sri Lanka, in February 2020. Corona had started to pick up speed and there were some fears from family, friends and coworkers about us going on this trip. We continuously said how fine it would be, despite having our flights cancelled and rebooked the week before our trip. We brought some face masks “just in case” and wore them on the planes, trains and anywhere super busy.

In Sri Lanka, the virus was not talked about or thought about. We went about our time over the two weeks enjoying our vacation. About two weeks after we arrived back home (safely, no virus!) the global community started shutting down, borders started to close and quarantine became mandatory.

At that point in time, I also had a concussion from a recent ski adventure over the weekend at home. So I sat in the dark processing what was happening to our world, contemplating how long this would last. Thinking of all the beautiful places I’ve travelled and how lovely they must be sans tourists. Wondering if that trip will be the last trip abroad for several years to come.

It’s weird having a travel blog right now. It’s weird having an instagram that focusing on adventures and new places. The first few months of the pandemic I just sat still watching the world and the changes that were happening – unsure of how to feel and not posting any content on social media. Now, we’re one year in, and I’ve had **a few** meltdowns about not being able to travel + stressors in my life. We still don’t know when this will be over. So here I am just trying to figure out how to have a creative outlet that is positive, authentic and helpful to all of you. Because truthfully, I miss you! I miss engaging on my blog and social media and I’m feeling this need to start moving forward instead of sitting still and watching.

The pandemic sort of shocked my core goals and how I’ve lived my life/wanted to live my life – and I know I’m not alone in this feeling. I never pictured myself moving back to my home town, buying a house on the same block as the one I grew up in and settling into a regular routine and job. But here I am. I’m obviously lucky for even having work and I do recognize that. I just am trying to figure out how to be me and share with you.

That being said, for obvious reasons, I’m going to put my travel content on total hold for the time being. I don’t enjoy writing about it right now and I hate not being able to plan trips and come up with wild adventures so for now I’m going to shift gears, in the hopes that I will one day return to this and continue sharing my post-coronavirus adventures with all of you. If I’m honest, I feel a bit weird about this and that’s part of the reason why it’s taken me a year to jump into the change. I don’t want to change my content but I’m also very aware that I can’t travel and I don’t want to share travel content in the current climate. But I do still want to share and engage with all of you!

In the time being, in going to lean into new content about my renovations, mental health, relationships and wellness. I’ll share my before and afters, any DIY projects that you can do at home (on a budget!). I’ll share mental health tips; things I’ve found to be helpful in my person life.

Upcoming Post: From Travel Blogger to DIY’er


xx S

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  1. Hey Stephanie, yeah it looks off having a travel blog in the pandemic that focuses on travel and adventure. But, I also think that it is the best time to improve the past things, like an older blog post or even learn something new in blogging aur photography that might help in the forthcoming adventures. Like, during the last year lockdown here in India, I thought myself long exposure photography and other various photography and blogging related skills. I feel that it’s a perfect opportunity to improve for future. Let me know your thoughts!


    1. What a wonderful perspective to have! I love that mindset – definitely a great time to be considering how you can improve and taking the time to practice skills like photography. I hope you’re staying safe in India! Best wishes from Canada


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