My Master Bathroom Reveal

Welcome to my master bathroom – the first big project in my house renovations!

When we gutted the top floor of our house to create a master bedroom we also carved out space to add an ensuite. The house has 5 bedrooms with only 1 bathroom so I knew another bath would be essential for re-sale value. I didn’t anticipate completing this bathroom for a few years, but as construction began I was advised that it would be easier to do it all at once.. and so that we did!


I had so much fun coming up with ideas for this bathroom. I wanted to go for something unique with a balance of modern and traditional to match the era of the home. I decided to partner a modern flooring tile (which I’ve been obsessed with for years) with an original vanity and door that matched the early 20th century vibes. Seeing this design and construction come to fruition was not without headaches (as most people can attest to when doing any sort of DIY in a character home).

It was not been the most functional bathroom from the get go. The shower pressure was absolute trash, the water was not hot, the drawers in the vanity did not work, the shower grout was getting everywhere even after drying and I had no where to keep my makeup or skin care products. On top of that, I knew nothing about different lighting options and so I bought amber coloured lightbulbs which are no good for doing makeup and the dust from the construction around the house currently is a never ending cleaning job on the black floor. Most of those pains have been remedied now, but it’s certainly been a labour of love and is still a work in progress.

My biggest advise for those looking at doing renovations in their spaces is to follow your heart with your design choices, not to compare with others and to always acknowledge the hard work that you put in.


1. Macrame wall hanging 2. Matte black shower head 3. Vanity light 4. White Shower curtain 5. Vessel sink 6. Shower shelfs (stick on!) 7. White subway tile 8. Black Hexagon Floor Tile 9. Bath caddy 10. Vintage gold door knob 11. Circle mirror

SooOoOo what do you think?!

Xx, S

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Curious Traveller

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