Flight Attendant, Adventurer, Dog Lover. Curious about the world. 21. 

For inquires and opportunities to work/collaborate with me, contact me at: stephanienordlund@hotmail.com

Whats this blog about? Honestly, who knows. Travelling, I guess? Okay, it is mostly about travelling. But don’t be surprised if you read a sudden post about a random thought that comes through my head. Or an issue that I’m facing which I think others may relate to. I want to use this as a platform to connect with people all over – just like travelling does. I want to interact with other bloggers and readers and share similar experiences, emotions and life lessons. I would like to use similar experiences (like travel) to better understand intersectionality and the experiences and lives of others.

Why travel? I am incredible privileged to be in the position that I am, and to have been able to – and continue to be able to – see the world. I am so grateful for the life I was born into because of all the opportunities that have presented themselves to me along the way.. one of which is travelling. Travelling started out as a semi-solution to my depression. Growing up in an arguably isolated community, having the ability to see the world and the way others live opened my eyes to possibilities. Possibilities is essential to people struggling with mental health issues as it breads hope. After my first real adventure abroad, I was hooked – I had caught the travel bug. From then on I not only saw travelling as part of a treatment to feeling hopeless – but also as a way to be inspired, to inspire others, to share things, to learn, to feel alive and to do something that felt meaningful with my life. I am very passionate about education within the walls of a classroom but also beyond. Travelling teaches you how to interact with others, how to be patient, kind, humble, understanding, and appreciative. I travel to meet people, to learn, and to grow.

Okay, but who am I..  I was born and raised in Northwestern, Ontario. In a place that is an 8 hour drive from a population larger than ours (roughly 100,000) and has actually reached 52 degrees BELOW in the winter. I’ve lived in this city back and forth my entire life. I studied an HBA in Political Science at Lakehead University, did an exchange in France, and worked part time for the pat 5 years as a lifeguard. After my undergrad, I did an internship at Queen’s Park (Government of Ontario). But afterwards I decided to take a job as a flight attendant rather than pursue work in politics…. because really every 10 minutes I ask someone to pay me to travel so maybe I should let them? What really sets my soul on fire though, is working with people every day, solving problems, seeing new things, being pushed out of my comfort zone, and making people’s lives better. Sparks notes version: Basically, I have 2 dogs, 1 boyfriend, and a lot of questions with what I’m going to do with the rest of my life and I’m just here to be with you through that journey.

Live love tacos, right?



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