72 Hours in Scotland

I know who goes to Europe for the weekend, right? Well, apparently I do. Despite how confused my sleep schedule gets.. especially heading right back to work afterwards.. it’s always worth it. This weekend I headed off to Scotland to see Glasgow and Edinburgh with my boyfriend, Anthony. I left Wednesday afternoon with a quick layover in Halifax and then took the overnight flight to Glasgow. Continue reading “72 Hours in Scotland”

My Life Inflight: July

The longer I work this job, the less I find mself writing about my flight atttendant life and more about my life when I get home from being a flight attendant. Typically because those moments are rare and special.. because of my chaotic flight attendant life. I spent a lot of time doing non-inflight things this past month because I looove summer so much.. but I promise to write more about my inflight life in August!

1. I made it in the WestJet Magazine!!! Wooo


2. Went camping with my friends on some days off

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3. Hiked to the top of the Sleeping Giant

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4. Travelled to Scotland with my main man

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5. Worked with some amazing people (like usual) and had a blast in Fredericton!

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6. Went tubing (river rat tubing) in tbay during a layover with my crew


7. Met up with my sister Sam downtown Toronto and saw the worlds only preserved blue whale



womp, womp, womp. All was well this month EXCEPT commuting. Flights have been so full, thunderstorms have caused lots of delays and cancellations which has made it a pain to get back to Thunder Bay after work – luckily I’ve had no issues getting to work. One time my 545 flight (which was full) was cancelled, so I had to wait till 10 pm to hopefully hop on that one. It ended up being delayed until 1:30 AM and I just BARELY made it on. I got home 13 hours later than expected 😦 t’was not fun.

Next month I promise to write more about my life inflight and not my life out of flight 😉 heheh

xx, S

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10 Ways to stay Healthy While on the Road

Air crew often lead unhealthy lifestyles; we sleep at irregular hours and in different time zones, work extremely long days, are exposed to high levels of radiation, eat a lot of processed and packaged foods, struggle with maintaining relationships of all kinds and in my aircraft, don’t have access to running water to wash my hands for sometimes 14 hours at a time. As you can imagine we build resilient immune systems but this lifestyle wears on us mentally and physically. So these are my top tips on how to stay healthy living this lifestyle:

1. Pay attention to your diet

It can at times be extremely difficult to eat fresh and healthy foods while on the road. Often I find my foods go bad or hotel fridges freezing them which leaves me frustrated by both the wasted food, and the wasted money. Adding in commuting flights to my pairings makes it even more difficult to either find the time to meal prep or meal prep for the amount of time that I’m gone! I find myself snacking on buy on board items or junk food (especially by the end of the pairing when I’m all out of food and extremely exhausted). The best change I’ve made is packing fresh food for the first 2 days, some preservable foods like oatmeal or soup (I just found this dry pea soup that just needs hot water!!), and some healthy snacks like nuts or granola bars. I typically give myself one meal that I get to eat out on the pairing (which is also good for staying social – another important part of staying mentally healthy!) Then I look into my pairing before I leave and make sure there are a few destinations I’ll be able to stop at a grocery store to buy more fresh foods. A lot of grocery stores have prepackaged veggies, fruit, and salad. My go-to for a while was a bag of broccoli and a thing of humus. It lasts a few days and its cheap and healthy.  Continue reading “10 Ways to stay Healthy While on the Road”

My Life Inflight: June

oooohhhh we’re halfway thereeee ooooohhhh. Can you believe it? Already half way through 2017. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by. I’m so grateful for all the amazing experiences (and crazy ones) i’ve had the past few months. I’m even more grateful for all the wonderful places it has taken me – across Canada and abroad. I’ve made some great friends and worked with some wonderful people these past few months. It’s been such a privilege and these memories will last me a lifetime. I can’t wait to be a grandma and one day get to share these stories with my kids and grandkids. Thinking about the future makes me excited, but I’ve lived life so far in a way that if I weren’t to make it to that age I wouldn’t be regretful. I never want to wait to live life – life is meant to be lived every moment. How do you feel about the first half of 2017? Are you grateful for the accomplishments and memories made, or are you wishing things could have been different? We still have 6 more months left so make it count!  Continue reading “My Life Inflight: June”

Day 6: Aka the 24 hour day

Most people associate being a cabin crew member with awesome travel privileges and idealize these individuals with a glamorous life of jetting off to stunning places for less than a few hours pay. What people don’t always think about is that when you have these discounts.. you’re always flying standby. And sometimes that means having days like the day (or night) I’m about to tell you about. Working in this industry means a lot of things: it means that you fly standby, and that you absolutely cannot miss work because you’re using those standby privileges. 

We were originally catching the red eye from Vegas to Toronto and then Toronto to Thunder Bay the next morning but the closer to the flight it got, the more and more full the flight got. Until finally it didn’t look like we would be able to get on that flight at all, and the flight after that was looking quite full as well. We sat outside in Utah sipping on some cider debating our options – we could try flying standby with another partner airline and just fly through a connecting city (or a few connecting cities) or we could catch the flight leaving Vegas at 12… noon. 

Neither of us were willing to cut the hot springs in Colorado out of our travel plans. Instead, we decided to drive through the night – we went to bed at 7 pm and woke up 4 hours later at 11 pm to start the 9 hour drive back to Vegas. F. Our. Lives. 

I slept (ish) for the first few hours and then we switched and he did the same. Luckily the sun started to come up a few hours after I took the wheel and our bodies started to feel a little bit better. Surprisingly, the time went by quite quickly. By 6 am we were fulling craving chicken nuggets and were on a mission to find some. Unfortunately, not many places have chicken nuggets that early so we opted for coffee instead. 

We were almost in Vegas, so close we could almost see it. And then the traffic started to slow… and slow… and slow.. and then completely stop. For ten minutes.. then twenty.. then thirty… you get the picture. We had just driven 9.5 hours – through the night – our bodies feel like complete trash – have a flight thats leaving in 2 hours — and we still have to go get gas, drop off our car, take the bus to the airport and make it through security and you can see traffic for miles ahead… staying completely still 🙂 

After the worlds longest and worst traffic jam, it started finally flowing again. As traffic started to move we saw a transport truck on fire in the ditch. That would definitely stop traffic for a while. I don’t think anyone was badly injured and it was like an episode of road warriors on the side of the highway trying to get the transport out of the way so that traffic can keep moving through. We were driving through the city to find the car rental place when I noticed another traffic jam up ahead. Our GPS was telling us to keep going, and we were so stressed not to mess up at this point but in a last minute and quick decision I turned to avoid the area – and luckily I did because the cars were stuck there for at least another 30 minutes. We had a mission and it had to be done speedy quick: gas – car – shuttle – airport – security – gate – GO! 

We. Freaking. Made. It. And we got some chicken nuggets before our fligh to top it off. I dont know what’s wrong with us because we didn’t even sleep on this flight. I guess the sun and food kept us up some more. Once we got to Toronto we had to wait an hour or so for our flight to Thunder Bay. By this point we were delirious as we had been awake some 23.5 hours. Again on this flight however, we didn’t sleep. We both got sad that it was ending and we wanted to enjoy the last few minutes of it. So instead we had some wine and played some crib. 

My lovely sister picked us up to the airport and we were asleep by 1 pm.. some 26 hours after our 4 hour nap in a wagon in colorado. 

Ah, the glamorous life of a flight attendant. 
Xx, S

Day 5: Canyonlands National Park and Colorado

We headed to Canyonlands National Park first, which was only about 30 minutes from Moab. This Park was a bit different from the rest we had visited. The reason for this may have been its size – this place was freaking HUGE.

 It seemed like the canyons went on forever. Had we had bikes this would be the greatest place to go for a ride. Instead, we drove through the entire canyon taking over an hour to get there and back. 

After Canyonlands we drove to Colorado to hit up some hot springs for our last night. The States truly have a beautiful land. One minute we’re driving in the desert, past deserted canyons and the next we’re weaving in and out of the rocky mountains. 

I had been looking forward to these hot springs most on this trip and they didn’t disappoint. This campsite or “glampsite” was adorable. Welcome to avalanche ranch! 

They had hiking trails, mountain views, a tiny farm, hot springs, a large cabin to hangout in and of course our gorgeous little wagons. 

We hung out in the pools for a little while before trying to go to sleep early so that we could get a few hours in before our insane day (or night… depending how you look at it). But I’ll get to that on my next blog post…..
Xx, S

Three Days in LA: Packing List

LA might be the most fun place to pack for. All I need is some cute bikinis, sundresses and sunglasses and I am good to go. 24 hours till I’m lounging on Venice Beach! The only slight catch for me is that I’m heading to work the day after for 4 days and I have to make it all fit in my carry on! 


  • Sandals
  • Runners
  • workout shorts X1
  • Workout tank X1
  • Sports bra x1
  • Uniform for work after (heels, dress, tights, scarf, raic)
  • Bikini x3
  • Shorts x2
  • Shirts x4
  • White pants
  • Dress x2
  • Socks 
  • Undies
  • Jean jacket 
  • Cardigan 
  • Sorang 
  • PJs
  • Leggings 


  • Makeup 
  • Sunscreen
  • Face and body cream
  • Toothbrush 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Razor
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo
  • Brush
  • Makeup remover

Extra Extra: 

  • Passport 
  • Ipad
  • Sunglasses 
  • Water bottle 
  • Camera             
  • Big and small black purses 
  • Hat
  • Watch 
  • Jewellery 
  • Headphones
  • Keys to crash pad 
  • Beach bag
  • Book
  • Car keys 

Xx, S 

My Life Inflight: May

Where has the time gone? How it is ALREADY june 9th!!! It’s been so nice out lately that I’ve been slacking really hard with my blog posts. So here is the quite delayed post for May. Enjoy!

1. For starters, and maybe the most exciting part of this month – end of runway construction at Pearson!!!!! HALLELUJAH! Let flights finally be on time (or closer to at least). I know it’ll be back in the fall but it has been a world of a difference since the construction ended.

2. I moved into a new crash pad in YYZ this month. This one is SO much better than the last. It’s in the same “questionable” neighbourhood but so far the building that I’m in seems much more safe. The apartment itself is also wonderfully clean and organized and everyone who lives there seems to be really respectful of one another. Not to mention it apparently has a pool which I will definitely be hitting up on my reserve in YYZ – just in time for the heat wave!

3. This month I got to reunite with an old friend I met while living in France!! She is also Canadian but from Southern Ontario and had come up to Thunder Bay to do a placement. Although my hectic schedule didn’t allow much time to be spent together I did get to take her up Mount McKay.

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4. I only had a few pairings in May, but I worked with some awesome people. When you’re stuck with the same people for a few days it’s a real blessing when you all get along. This month I made some new friends and got to reunite with some flight attendants I hadn’t seen in a while.

5. I’ve been getting a little spoiled with time off lately it feels like.. but last month I had my vacation and had almost 2 weeks off. I spent the first few days just catching up on sleep that I’ve missed out on these last few months. Then, my boyfriend and I headed to the States to do a road trip through Utah and check out some national parks. I’ve also been really slow to blog about our trip.. but maybe I will finally finish on my reserve this weekend in Toronto.. by the pool of course.

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Cheers, xx S

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