Day 6: Ha Ling Peak

One of the best things about camping is that you generally wake up much earlier than most people and consequently you beat the rush on the busier trails. I woke up super excited to be heading to Canmore to climb Ha Ling. We quickly packed our gear but ended up getting a little lost on the... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Hangover Hikes

Waking up in a bed knowing that we had avoided the snowfall the night before was the best feeling in the world. We lounged around until 11am when we slowly gathered the energy to move our car so we didn't get another parking ticket. (I guess they really check those 2hr parking limits in Banff... woops.)... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Rain, Rain, Go Away

I finally slept through the night and woke up warm! BEST FEELING EVER! We made our oatmeal and coffee and were quickly on the road to the Johnson Canyon Upper Falls. It was a quick and beautiful 5km trail along waterfalls. Right after the walk we headed over to a cafe to do some studying.... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Walking on Glaciers

Ideally, I’d like to start this off by saying we woke up at the crack of dawn with birds chirping and the smell of nature in the air. But that would be misleading, because in reality we woke up many times throughout the night - frozen, sore, and with the not-so-lovely sounds of a woodpecker on... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Jasper Bound!

After getting a short 5 hours of sleep, I woke ready and excited to be boarding a plane and heading on my adventure. Just after 6am I arrived at the Thunder Bay airport where I hit the first (and slightly large) pot hole in the road. I forgot my runners. Classic. Spending 8 days hiking and... Continue Reading →

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