The only things that actually suck about solo travel

Everyone always asks me how I travel by myself and if I’m not bored or lonely or how I survive or whatever other awful things they think will happen if I’m by myself. So, on my most recent solo adventure I  decided to see if their concerns had merit and compiled a list of the things that legitimately sucked about being on my own: you … Continue reading The only things that actually suck about solo travel

Backpacking the Yasawa Islands

Most people picture Fiji as an elite travel destination only possible for those who want to stay at fancy resorts and spend copious amounts of money. But in reality, Fiji is one of the most backpacker friendly countries I’ve ever visited! One of the most popular spots for backpackers to travel to in fiji is the Yasawa Islands (and for good reason), but there are tons other backpacking options in Fiji too. I ended up spending my week on the islands, and if you’re planning on doing the same than this post will likely be helpful for you!  Continue reading “Backpacking the Yasawa Islands”

Top 15 Destinations for First-Time Backpackers

Whether you are travelling in a group or flying solo, these destinations are ideal for your first backpacking experience!
1. Thailand: If you want a really classic backpacking/hostel experience you will definitely find it in Thailand. Thousands of young backpackers are making their way through this country, eating $1 pad thai, celebrating full-moon parties and lounging on its beautiful coast. Not to mention the amount of money you could save backpacking Thailand compared to other countries!

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