Wolf River Falls

Hike: Wolf River Falls, Dorion, Ontario

Directions: Follow highway 17 towards Dorion for about 40minutes. You’ll turn left on Fish Hatchery Road west and drive along it for 6 km. There will be three right turns, but they are good signs and its easy to follow. Then you will turn right onto Wolf Lake Road. Follow this road for a good 20 km. When we drove along it there were a ridiculous amount of pot holes.. so beware. You’ll bump along this road for 20 km, and cross three little bridges. Right after the third bridge you are going to take the road to the right. You’ll follow this road for 2.25 km. After 2km, pull over when the road bends to the left. Drive slow and you’ll know when it’s the spot – the road is wider and you can see the start of the trail to the right. **There are no signs at the start of the trail.** The actual hike is super short (about 1km). At the top, there will be two choices: to go down towards the water, or follow a trail to the left. To get to the waterfall, follow the trail to the left!! It will be clear how to get to the waterfall from there, there is a ladder and rope that helps you get down as well. You can reach the top of the waterfall and then you can also climb under and even go swimming in the summer. Enjoy!!! Continue reading “Wolf River Falls”

The Schedule of a Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is like living in this alternate universe. No one quite has a life like you and no one quite understands it. I mean, I literally live out of my suitcase.  I’m not kidding you, all of my underwear is permanently in there.. I’m never home long enough for it to even be worth unloaded essentials like that.  I brush my teeth with one of those travel toothbrushes, often use hotel shampoos and see my boyfriend more on Facetime than his face in real time. Being a flight attendant makes me binge on everything. I binge on seeing my family, friends and boyfriend, on eating out and working out and drinking and travelling and working. Continue reading “The Schedule of a Flight Attendant”

What it’s like living in a crash pad

What you may not know about aviation is that a large percentage of cabin crew members don’t live in the base they fly out of, and I am one of those people. We’re called commuters – but we don’t nearly have your average commute. Rather than being stuck in traffic, our commute involve heading up to 25,000 ft. for a few hours (depending on where you … Continue reading What it’s like living in a crash pad

Top 15 Destinations for First-Time Backpackers

Whether you are travelling in a group or flying solo, these destinations are ideal for your first backpacking experience!
1. Thailand: If you want a really classic backpacking/hostel experience you will definitely find it in Thailand. Thousands of young backpackers are making their way through this country, eating $1 pad thai, celebrating full-moon parties and lounging on its beautiful coast. Not to mention the amount of money you could save backpacking Thailand compared to other countries!

Continue reading “Top 15 Destinations for First-Time Backpackers”

Taking The Next Step

Exciting news!!! I have finally booked a real adventure for the first time in almost a year. I had a mini -okay not so mini- mental breakdown last week. Being in my final year of university I am constantly having a personal crisis with what I will do next year. But quite honestly the question is much deeper than what I will do, it is … Continue reading Taking The Next Step

10 Travel Necessities

1. A large scarf

My personal favourite and what I find the most useful of all travel necessities: the scarf. It’s your comfort. It’s your pillow. It’s your blanket. It makes you look cute AND it keeps you warm. What else do you need? This past Christmas I was given the worlds greatest travel scarf – it has a hood and pockets. What was already the most useful accessory now can work to block out light and I can put my lip balm/ipod in it without losing them or having them fall in between seats.

2. Entertainment

You are bound to get bored with the long waits, flights and layovers. I always travel with my journal so worse comes to worse I can write about my boredom. Other ideas to pass the time are to bring some sort of paper game book (crosswords, sudoku), listen to music, bring books or magazines, and if you have the space then you could even bring your laptop and put movies on it.

3. A reusable water bottle

It’s so important to stay hydrated while travelling which is why having a reusable water bottle is a really good idea. You can’t bring water through security so it’s easiest to just keep a reusable one that you can keep refilling. If you’re travelling somewhere that doesn’t have safe drinking water, it’s even cheaper to just buy a big water bottle and then keep refilling your reusable one anyways. Continue reading “10 Travel Necessities”