Backpacking Belize

Backpacking Belize was one of the most spontaneous trips I’ve taken. I had about 10 days off from work and had been in Mexico for half of it. I was in Bacalar, a small town in the Southern part of Quintana Roo when I met a girl one afternoon who convinced me to join herContinue reading “Backpacking Belize”

10 Tips for Backpacking Belize

1. You can use USD or BZD Everything is priced in both US and Belize dollars. Some places won’t even have things priced in BZD and only in USD but will accept both. You’ll notice too that sometimes they will give you change in US because that’s all they have. So if you have USDContinue reading “10 Tips for Backpacking Belize”

10 Reasons to Backpack Costa Rica

When people ask me where they should backpack, whether they’re seasoned backpackers or going for the first time, my first thought is always Costa Rica. Costa Rica blew my expectations way out of the water. I couldn’t have imagined seeing and doing as much as I had in the three weeks that I was there,Continue reading “10 Reasons to Backpack Costa Rica”

We Became Snapchat Famous in Costa Rica

For all those of you who have and use snapchat, I’m sure you are aware of the super fun snapchat passport stories where the app will make a montage of stories from a particular city or country. Well, it just so happened that as we were in Costa Rica, snapchat decided to make a CostaContinue reading “We Became Snapchat Famous in Costa Rica”

Backpacking Costa Rica

Who knew that you could make customized maps on googlemaps? AMAZING. Here’s where we ventured to last month in the beautiful Costa Rica. We went from San Jose – Manuel Antonio – La Fortuna – Monteverde – San Jose – Mal Pais – Santa Teresa – San Jose

My Costa Rica Travel Budget

Backpacking Costa Rica: 16 nights, 17 days  ** Prices are in USD** **Also some of these prices i.e. for tours, were cheaper because I was travelling with a friend** Flight: $420 [Thunder Bay-Toronto-San Jose with West Jet) Hostels: $269 Broken down: Manuel Antonio x3 nights – $43, La Fortuna x4 nights – $65, Monteverde x2 nights – $25,Continue reading “My Costa Rica Travel Budget”