The only things that actually suck about solo travel

Everyone always asks me how I travel by myself and if I’m not bored or lonely or how I survive or whatever other awful things they think will happen if I’m by myself. So, on my most recent solo adventure IΒ  decided to see if their concerns had merit and compiled a list of the things that legitimately sucked about being on my own: you … Continue reading The only things that actually suck about solo travel

Standby Adventures: Fiji to Thunder Bay

Flying standby half way around the world is a really strange experience. Right now, I could potentially be travelling for the next 46 hours or I could be left here in Fiji with no place to stay. And I won’t know until an hour before I leave or don’t leave. I can’t even explain this feeling. I normally prep for long haul flights but I cant even begin to think about getting on the plane because I’d be way too disappointed if I didn’t. Lets backtrack a little..
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Standby Adventures: Thunder Bay to Fiji

My vacation was coming closer and I wanted to go somewhere hot and exotic and use my travel benefits to get there. I started researching places with good weather in November, and fell across Fiji. After reading amazing reviews from backpackers, I decided to book standby flights from YQT-LAX with Westjet and then another direct standby flight from LAX-NAN with Fiji Airways. The flight loads looked fine up until two days till departure and there were no longer any seats for YYZ-LAX or seats from LAX-NAN. So, with only two days to figure my travel plans out, I cancelled all my old flights and started from scratch. Continue reading “Standby Adventures: Thunder Bay to Fiji”

My Life Inflight: October πŸ‘»

1. The Case of the Mysterious Buzzing SoundΒ  After we finished the safety demo, I was about to start my checks when I could hear an unusual buzzing sound. In this industry, a strange sound is always one that you get to the bottom of. I immediately investigated and started searching around in the overhead bins. I realized that it was coming from someones bag … Continue reading My Life Inflight: October πŸ‘»

My Life Inflight: September

1. I FINALLY WENT DOWNTOWN MONTREAL !!!! I’ve travelled to 23 different countries & all over Canada, but up until this month I had yet to go downtown Montreal. Crazy, right? I had a longer than normal layover there this month so I took the opportunity to go for some dinner and drinks in Old Montreal with another Flight Attendant. 2. Go around (missed approach) … Continue reading My Life Inflight: September

My Life Inflight: August

Bye, bye Summer! You were a slice! 1. Birthday Surprise I surprised a woman with a ring from her boyfriend on one of my flights!!! I was so nervous, it was embarrassing. But you should have seen the look on her face! Cutest gift ever. Site note though guys: don’t surprise a girl with a ring unless its a proposal ahahah. 2. IROP Resulting in … Continue reading My Life Inflight: August

What’s in My Toiletries Bag: Flight Attendant Edition

Since I live in my suitcase, my toiletries bag has everything I would possibly need and I have cut it down to the essentials. Being a flight attendant has forced me to live more minimalistically (is that even a word?). So here it is: my toiletries bag! FAST Shampoo & Conditioner $34.95 NISIM I change up my shampoos all the time but I use this … Continue reading What’s in My Toiletries Bag: Flight Attendant Edition

What’s in My Makeup Bag: Flight Attendant Edition

With so many beauty products it’s hard to pick the best ones for you. My makeup consists of a mixture of higher end and drugstore products. I keep it pretty simple and don’t spend too much $$ on my makeup. My go-to routine takes less than 20 minutes – perfect for those 4:30 am report times! You’ll notice I have a thing for Smashbox…. I … Continue reading What’s in My Makeup Bag: Flight Attendant Edition

My Life Inflight: July

The longer I work this job, the less I find mself writing about my flight atttendant life and more about my life when I get home from being a flight attendant. Typically because those moments are rare and special.. because of my chaotic flight attendant life. I spent a lot of time doing non-inflight things this past month because I looove summer so much.. but … Continue reading My Life Inflight: July

10 Ways to stay Healthy While on the Road

Air crew often lead unhealthy lifestyles; we sleep at irregular hours and in different time zones, work extremely long days, are exposed to high levels of radiation, eat a lot of processed and packaged foods, struggle with maintaining relationships of all kinds and in my aircraft, don’t have access to running water to wash my hands for sometimes 14 hours at a time. As you can imagine we build resilient immune systems but this lifestyle wears on us mentally and physically. So these are my top tips on how to stay healthy living this lifestyle:

1. Pay attention to your diet

It can at times be extremely difficult to eat fresh and healthy foods while on the road. Often I find my foods go bad or hotel fridges freezing them which leaves me frustrated by both the wasted food, and the wasted money. Adding in commuting flights to my pairings makes it even more difficult to either find the time to meal prep or meal prep for the amount of time that I’m gone! I find myself snacking on buy on board items or junk food (especially by the end of the pairing when I’m all out of food and extremely exhausted). The best change I’ve made is packing fresh food for the first 2 days, some preservable foods like oatmeal or soup (I just found this dry pea soup that just needs hot water!!), and some healthy snacks like nuts or granola bars. I typically give myself one meal that I get to eat out on the pairing (which is also good for staying social – another important part of staying mentally healthy!) Then I look into my pairing before I leave and make sure there are a few destinations I’ll be able to stop at a grocery store to buy more fresh foods. A lot of grocery stores have prepackaged veggies, fruit, and salad. My go-to for a while was a bag of broccoli and a thing of humus. It lasts a few days and its cheap and healthy.Β  Continue reading “10 Ways to stay Healthy While on the Road”