Backpacking the Greek Islands

13 days, 3 islands, 2 friends and 1 unforgettable experience Backpacking the Greek Islands is something out of a dream. Everything is amazing. The beaches, the people, and don't even get me started on the food. Greece is one of the best places I've backpacked, and if you went I'm sure it would be yours... Continue Reading →

Review of The Best Greek Islands

Two weeks on the Greek islands is something of a dream and memories of my time continue to fill my heart with happiness and warmth. My days were spent full of laughter, wild adventures, inspiring conversations, and mind blowing views. Santorini Nights spent on the island: 3 Accommodation: When you're visiting Santorini you can chose to stay in either... Continue Reading →

Be Here Now

It has been a crazy journey to get to Lyon, but I have finally arrived! After months of stress with the visa process and getting all my forms filled (there were literally hundreds) I was finally, legally, allowed into Schengen area. And because I am me, and well I live to travel, I decided to spend... Continue Reading →

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