Zaful Dress Haul Review

1. Lace Trim Trapeze Sundress – White SScreen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.08.36 PM

The material is more thin than the picture looks which makes the dress a bit see-through. I still like it though, but will only be wearing it at the beach or in very casual settings. It fits a bit on the larger size. Overall, I’m happy with this dress. Continue reading “Zaful Dress Haul Review”


My 2018 Travel Plans

2017 was absolutely phenomenal in the world of travel. It was a year filled with unforgettable adventures and will be very hard to beat. This year however, marks the year that I will finally be setting foot in a continent I have longed to visit. I will be heading to Southeast Asia for 2 months this spring!! It will be so worth the years of waiting and daydreaming. Continue reading “My 2018 Travel Plans”

What’s in My Makeup Bag: Flight Attendant Edition

With so many beauty products it’s hard to pick the best ones for you. My makeup consists of a mixture of higher end and drugstore products. I keep it pretty simple and don’t spend too much $$ on my makeup. My go-to routine takes less than 20 minutes – perfect for those 4:30 am report times! You’ll notice I have a thing for Smashbox…. I also love Tarte & MAC!!! Ugh now I want to go shopping SOS someone give me money. Here’s what’s in my makeup bag for my every day flight attendant look! Continue reading “What’s in My Makeup Bag: Flight Attendant Edition”

10 ways to Overcome Homesickness

1. Step one is staying busy where ever you are! I’m always loneliest when I’m bored. Just get out, go for a walk, go out to eat, workout, see friends, DO SOMETHING. Force yourself out of your house, away from your screens and go do something.

2. Keep something from home with you. I always print some pictures and tape them to my wall. Now working as a flight attendant, I don’t really have a wall to post them on hahaha so I keep two with me in my journal.

3. Have a date set for when you’ll visit home. It’s a lot more comforting knowing when you’ll get to see your loved ones again. If you can’t set a specific date just try to keep an approximate time you’ll try to get home.

4. Call, facetime and text when you can. Sometimes this makes you miss home a little more – but it’ll be helpful in the long run to stay connected to those who mean the most to you.

5. Always remember that the grass might look greener on the other side.. but that doens’t meant that it is. I find that whenever I leave a place, my mind makes it up to be this incredible haven where I’m missing out on all these fun times and memories with my friends and family. But sometimes we make it seem better in our heads than it really is.. so don’t be too hard on yourself.

6. Have things to look forward to! Make plans where ever you are – go to a concert, or a movie, or do something that you like so that you have something to look forward to and get you through the week.

7. Try to make friends! Make where ever you are as much as home as possible. If you can find a few people you get a long with, this can be a lot easier.

8. Remember that nothing lasts forever, and that you chose how to feel in situations so make the most of it and know that it will change. Even if you’re in a crappy situation.. it will change and it will get better!

9. Exercise! Those endorphins really help you stay positive, and it gives you something heathy to do. Go for a walk, run, do some yoga, find a gym, do whatever you gotta do to get that sweat on. It’ll make you feel much better, plus you never know maybe you’ll meet some people while you’re out!

10. Focus on the present and take it day by day. Weeks and months go by faster than you’d think, so just enjoy each day and try not to get too overwhelmed by it all. If you can find things you like about where you are, and appreciate them for when you have them, it will make your time away so much easier.

This advice has gotten me through many different experiences away from my family, friends and loved ones. No matter if I was overseas or just a quick 2 hour flight away, these tips have always rung true and have always helped. It’s important to always remember that things don’t stay the same and to be grateful for what you have when you have it. Keep your head up and it will pass. x


My First Month as a Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant has completely changed my life. Not that I am surprised by this, but the lifestyle change has been demanding and I’m still getting used to it. Most days my alarm goes off at 3:50 am. I spend the majority of my nights in a hotel, my diet is super weird – I eat a lot of airplane food.. restaurant food.. and packed food thats 5 days old, I drink a lot of Starbucks, and I have to force myself to stay up after 8:00 pm if I have plans with my friends (which now sadly doesn’t happen often).  Continue reading “My First Month as a Flight Attendant”

What it Takes to Become a Flight Attendant


They never told us specifically what it was that made them pick our applications amongst the many they received. I have a degree, I’ve done a lot of international travel in the form of volunteering and studying abroad, I’ve volunteered with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters for many years, and I have worked as a lifeguard for 5 years. Not to say you need these things specifically; I think my airline was looking for a range of people and backgrounds who had experience in and could contribute to making a safe, positive and comfortable environment for our guests. Continue reading “What it Takes to Become a Flight Attendant”

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