Post-Grad Feels

My last year of university was one of the most stressful and confusing times of my life. I had always though I knew what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be when I grew up, and where I was heading. Then, suddenly faced with reality, I wasn't sure where that person fit in.... Continue Reading →

My Bucket List

Continents:  North America South America Africa Europe Asia Antartica Australia Places to go next:  Iceland Tanzania Salt Flats in Bolivia (both dry and wet) Malaysia Nepal Things to do:  Swim with whales Semester abroad  Shark Diving  See the Northern Lights in Iceland Blue Lagoon in Iceland Zanzibar Climb Kilimanjaro Skydiving Base camp of Everest Get... Continue Reading →

Follow me on Social Media

Hello blogger family, I'd love to connect with you guys on other social media platforms if you have them! Add me on snapchat or instagram to follow my travel updates! Instagram: stephnordlund Snapchat: stephnordlund Tumblr: travelbugsteph Twitter: stephnordlund Facebook: Stephanie Nordlund xx S

Liebster Award

Hey guys!! I have been nominated by the wonderful dantigress for the Liebster Award!! If you haven't already checked out her blog then you are missing out and need to do so, asap! Thank you so much the nomination and support  xoxoxox If you haven't heard of this award before, it's passed on from bloggers within... Continue Reading →

Taking The Next Step

Exciting news!!! I have finally booked a real adventure for the first time in almost a year. I had a mini -okay not so mini- mental breakdown last week. Being in my final year of university I am constantly having a personal crisis with what I will do next year. But quite honestly the question... Continue Reading →

10 Travel Necessities

1. A large scarf My personal favourite and what I find the most useful of all travel necessities: the scarf. It's your comfort. It's your pillow. It's your blanket. It makes you look cute AND it keeps you warm. What else do you need? This past Christmas I was given the worlds greatest travel scarf... Continue Reading →

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