Ecuador 10 Day Packing List

Clothing: Dresses x2 – casual & evening Shorts x2 – casual Shirts x5 Leggings x1 Jeans x1 Socks x10 Underwear x10 Swimsuits x1 Sleepwear x1 Bra x2 – regular & sports bra Sweater x1 Cardigan x1 Rain jacket Sarong 

Packing list: Southeast Asia

Clothing: Dresses x3 – casual & evening Shorts x3 – workout, jeans & casual Tanks x3 T shirts x5 Leggings Elephant Pants Socks x8 Underwear x14 Swimsuits x3 Sleepwear Bra x3 – regular & sports bras Sweater – for cold bus rides and morning hikes Rain jacket Sarong – good for the beach, covering up, and as a blanket for flightsContinue reading “Packing list: Southeast Asia”

What to Pack on a Cruise

Travel Plans: 1 night in Minneapolis, Minnesota 1 night in Miami Florida 4 nights in the Bahamas 1 night Minneapolis, Minnesota 1 Suitcase 1 Backpack Travel Documents: Passport Itinerary Boarding passes EDocs for Cruise Drivers license

10 Travel Necessities

1. A large scarf My personal favourite and what I find the most useful of all travel necessities: the scarf. It’s your comfort. It’s your pillow. It’s your blanket. It makes you look cute AND it keeps you warm. What else do you need? This past Christmas I was given the worlds greatest travel scarfContinue reading “10 Travel Necessities”

What to Pack For A Semester/Year Abroad

Packing for a semester or year abroad might seem daunting, but the more you prepare for it and the more in advance you start- the better. I started packing for my semester abroad a month before I left. A little aggressive? Yeah.. probably. But it gave me enough time to stay organized and to knowContinue reading “What to Pack For A Semester/Year Abroad”

Packing Tips and Tricks

I’ve travelled to 19 different countries for a number of different kinds of trips, consequently I have picked up on a number of great packing tips and tricks. I’ve finally learnt how to master packing light, which is huge for me because I’m typically the girl who always overpacks and still never seems to have everythingContinue reading “Packing Tips and Tricks”