What to Pack on a Cruise

Travel Plans:
1 night in Minneapolis, Minnesota
1 night in Miami Florida
4 nights in the Bahamas
1 night Minneapolis, Minnesota

1 Suitcase
1 Backpack

Travel Documents:
Boarding passes
EDocs for Cruise
Drivers license Continue reading “What to Pack on a Cruise”


10 Travel Necessities

1. A large scarf

My personal favourite and what I find the most useful of all travel necessities: the scarf. It’s your comfort. It’s your pillow. It’s your blanket. It makes you look cute AND it keeps you warm. What else do you need? This past Christmas I was given the worlds greatest travel scarf – it has a hood and pockets. What was already the most useful accessory now can work to block out light and I can put my lip balm/ipod in it without losing them or having them fall in between seats.

2. Entertainment

You are bound to get bored with the long waits, flights and layovers. I always travel with my journal so worse comes to worse I can write about my boredom. Other ideas to pass the time are to bring some sort of paper game book (crosswords, sudoku), listen to music, bring books or magazines, and if you have the space then you could even bring your laptop and put movies on it.

3. A reusable water bottle

It’s so important to stay hydrated while travelling which is why having a reusable water bottle is a really good idea. You can’t bring water through security so it’s easiest to just keep a reusable one that you can keep refilling. If you’re travelling somewhere that doesn’t have safe drinking water, it’s even cheaper to just buy a big water bottle and then keep refilling your reusable one anyways. Continue reading “10 Travel Necessities”

What to Pack For A Semester/Year Abroad

Ready for Europe!
Ready for Europe!

Packing for a semester or year abroad might seem daunting, but the more you prepare for it and the more in advance you start- the better. I started packing for my semester abroad a month before I left. A little aggressive? Yeah.. probably. But it gave me enough time to stay organized and to know exactly what I’d need and what I wouldn’t. I was also extremely excited so I wanted to start packing straight away. If I didn’t need to wear the clothes I’d be packing then I would have started packing the minute I got accepted into the program! Continue reading “What to Pack For A Semester/Year Abroad”

Packing Tips and Tricks

Finally, I've learnt how to pack light!
Finally, I’ve learnt how to pack light!

I’ve travelled to 19 different countries for a number of different kinds of trips, consequently I have picked up on a number of great packing tips and tricks. I’ve finally learnt how to master packing light, which is huge for me because I’m typically the girl who always overpacks and still never seems to have everything she needs. I’ll be spending the next four days in Amsterdam (late November = colder weather) and I’ve managed to pack it all in a small backpack and a hand bag. Continue reading “Packing Tips and Tricks”