Solo Female Travel: Portugal

Here it is, the most talked about topic for us lady backpackers. I got all sorts of different reactions when people heard that I was travelling by myself. Some people were completely nonchalant about it, others looked at me with sad eyes, and still others applauded me. So here are some truths about my solo... Continue Reading →

Portugal: Day 6 [Lisbon]

This morning I woke early and said goodbye to my hostel in Lisbon before heading to the airport. After waiting around in way too many lines and being herded like sheep into a tight area where myself and the other passengers stood for thirty minutes as we waited some more, I finally boarded my Ryanair... Continue Reading →

Portugal: Day 5 [Lisbon]

I really debated wether or not I should just skip writing about today, because I pretty much just skipped this day in general. I got home around 4am last night and had to wake up at 730 this morning to catch my bus. Yeah, that’s right, I’m the fucking genius who booked her bus back... Continue Reading →

Portugal: Day 4 [Lagos]

My first Halloween in Europe!!!! (Not nearly as crazy as it is in North America, but still great) I had all these plans for the day, I was supposed to go for a day trip to Sagres to see the “end of the world” and go for a hike but after my morning walk on... Continue Reading →

Portugal: Day 3 [Lagos]

The only word I can use to describe how my day was is sensational. My day was unbelievably perfect. Trust me, yours would be too if you spent it in the sun with views like these: I got home just after 3am last night and woke bright and early with the rest of the girls... Continue Reading →

Portugal: Day 2 [Lagos]

My day started by having breakfast with a Swedish woman in her late 50s. This woman was telling me about how she is backpacking for five months to escape winter. She had been going down the coast of Portugal and Spain and is thinking of heading to Brazil next. This woman and her stories were... Continue Reading →

Portugal: Day 1 [Lisbon]

I love the sound that airplanes make as they take off. My brain can’t wrap itself around the science of flight. It’s absolutely incredible that somehow an object, weighing a rough 75 tons (Bowing 737), carrying hundreds of people, can fly through air - bringing you and everyone else on board to a new place... Continue Reading →

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