Guys, I went to Sweden!

IMG_1654As I sat on my flight to Stockholm I thought about the number of flights I had actually been on in the past 3 months. I counted Nineteen. Nineteen flights! Wow. Nineteen times I got to experience the most amazing thing in the world. Nineteen times I got to the arrivals gate, and had no one waiting for me. When I get home to Thunder Bay, having someone waiting there for me, will quite possibly be the best feeling in the world. Continue reading “Guys, I went to Sweden!”


Sleeping in an airport: Comfort Guide

IMG_7220So you have a long layover and don’t or can’t get accommodation for the night. You are therefore forced to spend your night sleeping on the floor of an airport.  For some of us, the idea of this sounds fun, adventurous and convenient. You get to save on accommodation for the night, there are bathrooms, restaurants, bars, plug-ins, wifi, etc. What else do you need? The reality is that sleeping in an airport normally means you will get a very broken sleep, look like you fell off a 20 storey building the next morning, you’ll be cold, hungry, bored, and even if you find an isolated area – you will still be greeted by workers cleaning at 4am. The reality is that no matter how convenient or fun sleeping in an airport MIGHT seem – it usually disappoints and leaves you as a cranky mess the next morning. However, if you must sleep in an airport, there are a few things you can do to make your experience better! Continue reading “Sleeping in an airport: Comfort Guide”

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