Quick Guide to Vinales, Cuba

So you’ve decided to travel Cuba and you’re considering going to Vinales, GREAT. Here’s a little guide to help you get the most out of your stay there.

A lot of people will do day trips to Vinales and then cram all the touristy stuff you could possibly imagine into that day. They’ll visit the tobacco farms, do a taxi tour and hang out in the valley. Although I guess it is possible to stuff all this into one (long) day there is so much to enjoy in Vinales and part of it’s charm is its laid back vibes. Continue reading “Quick Guide to Vinales, Cuba”

Backpacking Cuba

We chose to fly into Varadero because most low cost airlines will fly here to cater to those heading to resorts so you could get cheap flights into here. Even if you aren’t staying in Varadero, flying here still leaves the rest of the country accessible by bus or taxi. Our first stop was Havana so we had two options to get there: we could wait to catch the Viazul bus at 6 PM which only cost 10 CUC + 10 CUC for taxi from bus station in Havana to our airbnb or “casa particular” as they say in Cuba, or we could get a taxi from the airport which is typically anywhere between 80 CUC to 100 CUC. Depending on how many people you’re travelling with, and how much time you want to spend waiting for the bus, you might end up deciding a taxi would be best. Continue reading “Backpacking Cuba”

Top 10 Likes and Dislikes of Cruising

Top 10 Likes

  1. Constant travel: you get to wake up and be somewhere completely new! You only have to unpack once, then you sit back, relax and get to enjoy multiple places in multiple countries.
  2. Convenience: The whole thing is planned out for you. You don’t need to worry about where you’re going to eat dinner or how you’re going to get to your next destination.
  3. Accessibility: Its a great vacation for everybody and caters to all abilities and ages.
  4. The view: Running around the outside of the boat, listening to the waves and having the wind in your hair is priceless.
  5. Sunsets and clear skies: you won’t see anything like it
  6. Living on a boat: It’s a really cool experience getting to sleep on a ship, you feel like you’re on the titanic but you know that there’s enough lifeboats so it’s even better.
  7. The pool:  I think it’s so cool that you  can be in a pool, on a boat. The ships with the waterslides are even better!
  8. The staff:  so welcoming, friendly and helpful
  9. Social: It’s easy to meet new people.
  10. Amenities: there is entertainment for everybody. You can’t get bored – there is always a millions things happening that target different audiences and groups.

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Nassau, Bahamas [Day 4]

Cruise line: Norwegian Sky (aka the ship with the free booze hollaaa) *Click for a review of the ship
Nights: 4 nights in the Bahamas
Ports: 3 [Freeport, Great Stirrup Cay, Nassau] *Click for a review of each port

The last stop of our cruise: Nassau! I had heard some mixed reviews of this city so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I heard that there was a lot of bargaining and people just trying to sell you things. Although close to the port was excessively busy, I never felt too overwhelmed or felt like I was being pushed to purchase anything. As a young woman in her twenties walking around by herself, typically, I am a target for that kind of stuff too so I think mostly people were being over dramatic about it. I really enjoyed Nassau!

IMG_5831 Continue reading “Nassau, Bahamas [Day 4]”

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