Photos from Amsterdam

I travelled to Amsterdam with the best people ever, and together we shared the most hilarious and wonderful time. The city is absolutely stunning and it is filled with an endless array of things to do. It is one of my favourite places in Europe, and one I hope to return to soon. "Actually, the best gift... Continue Reading →

7 girls, 6 waffles, 5 bikes, 4 brownies, 3 canals, 2 coffee shops, 1 Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a rep for being a city of sin, and although it isn’t all that, sometimes it is. Over the course of my travels I’ve heard some hilarious stories from different backpackers about what happens after you exit the infamous coffee shops in Amsterdam. This one time in Amsterdam.. I went out for dinner... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam 101

I love Amsterdam. Out of all the big cities I’ve visited, I would chose Amsterdam in a heart beat to live in. It’s beautiful, fun, safe, it has delicious food, stunning canals, great nightlife and there are endless places to visit. Can I go back yet? I left for Amsterdam Thursday afternoon from Lyon, France.... Continue Reading →

Packing Tips and Tricks

I’ve travelled to 19 different countries for a number of different kinds of trips, consequently I have picked up on a number of great packing tips and tricks. I’ve finally learnt how to master packing light, which is huge for me because I’m typically the girl who always overpacks and still never seems to have everything... Continue Reading →

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