Hong Kong: 1 Day Itinerary

Hong Kong is such an amazing city with a million and one things to do so it can be overwhelming trying to cram it all into just one day. But since it’s a huge travel hub for Asia, a lot of people will find themselves on layovers here and having to do just that. So here’s your guide on how to make the most of a 24 hour layover in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Hong Kong: 1 Day Itinerary”


My Hilariously Uncomfortable First Night in Bali

I was heading to Bali from the Philippines and had taken a late flight arriving close to 11:30PM. I had booked myself a nice guesthouse and knew I was just going to take a grab or taxi from the airport to get there since it was so late. Now, if you’ve flown into Bali then you know, the taxi drivers at the airport are the absolute worst. They swarm you when you walk out of security and they will follow you and not leave you alone. I even met a girl recently who said one went into the women’s washroom as she was trying to get away!! Continue reading “My Hilariously Uncomfortable First Night in Bali”

5 Tips for Travelling Bali

My trip to Bali mostly went off without any major hiccups, but these 5 tips will help you enjoy your time as much as possible.

1. Let guesthouses know when you’ll be showing up 

Especially when it’s late. I showed up around midnight to a deserted guesthouse on my first night in Bali in the middle of no where with stray dogs barking around me, no lights anywhere and no where to go. I ended up figuring it out, but it was definitely a stressful situation. Continue reading “5 Tips for Travelling Bali”

Your Guide to Travelling Bali on a Budget

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait…. you mean Bali isn’t just a destination for honeymooners and people with cash to spend? And that not only will you be able to travel Bali on a strict budget but you’ll be able to enjoy it? Fam, I’m telling you!! Bali is one of the most amazing places to travel, with home comforts, amazing food, culture, beaches, people, and unreal things to see and do all in the price range of your average broke backpacker. Continue reading “Your Guide to Travelling Bali on a Budget”

Travel Update: Thailand and The Philippines

I’m always the worst at blogging while on the road so I thought since I’m one month into my trip it would be a good idea to write a post about what I’ve been up to so far!

My current view as I write this post in Bali!

My boyfriend joined me for the first two weeks of my adventures. We landed in Hong Kong and spent 2 nights there exploring the city. Although I’m sure you could spend much longer there and still find things to see and do we felt like we were able to cram all that we really wanted to do into one long day. Continue reading “Travel Update: Thailand and The Philippines”

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