10 Tips for Backpacking Thailand

1. Eat all the Thai food physically possible!!! So cheap and so tasty!! 2. But be careful that your food is cooked properly, especially on little islands or Railay, where the food needs to be brought in from a long tail boat. 3. It is insanely easy to get around – everything is very wellContinue reading “10 Tips for Backpacking Thailand”

10 Tips for Backpacking The Philippines

1. There are over 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines, each with it’s own adventures and places to explore. Make sure you read up on the island(s) you’re going to as each are different from the last! 2. That being said, many islands you need to fly between so book in advance to getContinue reading “10 Tips for Backpacking The Philippines”

Photo Diary: Ecuador

I’m really excited about this photo diary! I had just gotten a new lens before our trip and had a ton of fun playing around with it while capturing Ecuador’s incredible landscapes (and my incredible man!). I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Best of Ecuadors Andes & Beaches: 9 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Quito Where to stay: Community Hostel The Community Hostel was one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in. My partner and I got a private room with a shared bathroom. The room was very nice, comfortable, and clean. The hostel itself was friendly and had all the right amenities needed to make aContinue reading “Best of Ecuadors Andes & Beaches: 9 Day Itinerary”

10 Tips for Backpacking the Gili Islands

1. The power goes out often here and can stay out for a few hours so be prepared.. and be patient! 2. That being said the wifi also sucks at most places… but you’re on a beautiful island so who needs wifi anyways. 3. There are movie nights on the beach if you pay forContinue reading “10 Tips for Backpacking the Gili Islands”

Weird Things Flight Attendants Do

**I don’t work as a flight attendant anymore, but I found this post I wrote months ago and still find it very relatable so I thought I’d share!** I’ve been thinking about all the things that people give me weird looks for but that have become very normalized to me. Flight attendants are a strangeContinue reading “Weird Things Flight Attendants Do”

Thailand Itinerary: 10 Days of Beach and Culture

Depending on what you want to see/do, your budget, and the length of your trip, your itinerary for Thailand can vary greatly! When I was travelling in Thailand, I was partnered with my boyfriend who was only joining me for 2 weeks and really wanted to have a beach vacation so our itinerary was gearedContinue reading “Thailand Itinerary: 10 Days of Beach and Culture”

10 Tips for Backpacking Bali

1. Negotiate prices for EVERYTHING. Bali is notorious for bartering so its best to always try and negotiate prices especially for transportation in order to get a fair price. 2. Use Uber, Bluebird or Grab for transportation – but beware, there are signs in many areas that don’t allow these services as they are muchContinue reading “10 Tips for Backpacking Bali”