Day 6: Aka the 24 hour day

Most people associate being a cabin crew member with awesome travel privileges and idealize these individuals with a glamorous life of jetting off to stunning places for less than a few hours pay. What people don’t always think about is that when you have these discounts.. you’re always flying standby. And sometimes that means havingContinue reading “Day 6: Aka the 24 hour day”

Day 5: Canyonlands National Park and Colorado

We headed to Canyonlands National Park first, which was only about 30 minutes from Moab. This Park was a bit different from the rest we had visited. The reason for this may have been its size – this place was freaking HUGE.  It seemed like the canyons went on forever. Had we had bikes thisContinue reading “Day 5: Canyonlands National Park and Colorado”

Three Days in LA: Packing List

LA might be the most fun place to pack for. All I need is some cute bikinis, sundresses and sunglasses and I am good to go. 24 hours till I’m lounging on Venice Beach! The only slight catch for me is that I’m heading to work the day after for 4 days and I haveContinue reading “Three Days in LA: Packing List”

Day 2: Zion National Park

This mornings wake up was a million and one times better than the night before. Sleeping in a clean, comfy bed really does wonders. We took it easy in the morning knowing that the only thing on our to-do list was Zion National Park. It took us about 1.5 hours to get to Zion. ZionContinue reading “Day 2: Zion National Park”

Day 1: Vegas and Page, AZ

Okay, technically Day 2 – but day 1 was just full of flights and wine so I’m not counting that (although it was fun). We spent our first night at a sketchy hotel within walking distance of the Vegas strip. I’ve stayed in some weird places but this may have taken the spot of theContinue reading “Day 1: Vegas and Page, AZ”

One Week in Utah: Packing List

Rapid changes in weather + Vegas + Hiking +  Driving + Flying + Hot springs = a difficult packing challenge for carry ons only. But if there’s one thing I’m good at (literally the only thing I’m good at) it’s packing.

Utah Road Trip: Itinerary

Hola amigos! This weekend I’m heading on an adventure to canyonland country aka Southern Utah! Here’s my exciting itinerary for the week. Day 1:  Fly Thunder Bay – Toronto – Vegas with WestJet Spend night in Vegas @ America’s Best Value Inn Day 2: 

Solo Travel: One Week in O’ahu, Hawaii

Flight: Westjet Toronto-Vancouver-Honolulu March 29-April5 Hostel: HI Waikiki Interantional Hostel Out of all the Hawaiian Islands, I decided to go to Oahu. I heard that in order to explore the other islands that you needed to rent a car and I didn’t have that in my budget for the week. However, after talking to a friend whoContinue reading “Solo Travel: One Week in O’ahu, Hawaii”