Flight Attendant Pet Peeves

Alright folks its bitch o’clock!!!!! 🙂 I’m normally a patient person but it is officially time to rant about some of the things that just get under my skin when I’m working.

1. People who hand you garbage when you are just walking through the aisle.. in what world is it my job to take your dirty snot infested napkin on my way to the washroom????? Yes, when I have GLOVES on and a GARBAGE bag, I would be happy to.  When I’m bringing someone a drink? Nope. When I’m going to the bathroom? Nope. When I’m doing literally anything other than taking garbage- hell, no.

2. People who don’t say excuse me or something remotely polite to get my attention and instead tell “HEY!” Or hit me with a newspaper ??

3. People who overpack carry ons and then expect me to find a place for it or put it in the overhead bin for them. That’s not my job. You packed it you put it away. You know the size of our carry on bins so if it doesn’t fit that’s not my fault. I’ve literally had a guy throw his backpack in my face because he was so angry that he had to stow it in an overhead bin and couldn’t keep it in the aisle. :):):):):)

4. Anyone who gets mad at me when we have a ground delay. Hi hey hello I understand this sucks, trust me it happens almost every day, but not a whole lot I can do for you and bitching to me is not going to help you at all. Not to mention I’m stuck on the plane serving your butt and I’m not even getting paid. Soooooo (-:

5. When a passenger is rude to you when you ask them to buckle up when the seat belt sign is on or any of the many safety regulations that they need to follow. A) I didn’t come up with these regulations, Transport Canada did B) they are literally their for your safety C) If you don’t care about your safety that’s fine but you’re still legally required to do it D) You don’t need to be a dick when I’m just doing my job


6. People who degrade the responsibility of a flight attendant to someone who offers you a snack and beverage – or even worse people who treat flight attendants with no respect at all. Flight attendants are highly trained and are prepared to help you in emergency situations – there are no police, firefighters, paramedics, etc at 25,000ft; your flight attendant is there to respond to emergencies for your safety and security. Their job is not to serve you. In fact, in my case flight attendants don’t spend any training on the service component of their job – that’s something that they are expected to learn on the job. A flight attendants job could be obsolete if their purpose was to deliver a cookie and water; airlines could simply leave that on your seat when you enter the plane. Treat people with respect yo.

7. People who walking around in the aisles during the flight, or worse parents who let kids do that. You guys understand how dangerous that is right? Like we still are flying through the air in a metal tube that could hit severe turbulence at any moment …

8. When you’re doing service and the passenger doesn’t say thank you or please or have any manners what so ever. You can bet your bottom dollar my response is always going to be “YOURE WELCOME:)”, even if I don’t hear you say thank you.

okay, rant over. for now.


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xx, S

My Life Inflight: April

This month has been something else. It has completely tested my patience and has made me question my sanity more than once. It started off superb with a week in a Hawaii, but I had some pretty frustrating pairings because of the runway construction happening in YYZ…. well I’ll just let you guys read about it. Luckily for me next month is my vacation so I have plenty of days off to relax and enjoy life without TOO many airports.

1. Hawaii

I started this month off the best way possible – with one week on a beach in Hawaii! You can read all about my adventures here. Continue reading

Wolf River Falls

Hike: Wolf River Falls, Dorion, Ontario

Directions: Follow highway 17 towards Dorion for about 40minutes. You’ll turn left on Fish Hatchery Road west and drive along it for 6 km. There will be three right turns, but they are good signs and its easy to follow. Then you will turn right onto Wolf Lake Road. Follow this road for a good 20 km. When we drove along it there were a ridiculous amount of pot holes.. so beware. You’ll bump along this road for 20 km, and cross three little bridges. Right after the third bridge you are going to take the road to the right. You’ll follow this road for 2.25 km. After 2km, pull over when the road bends to the left. Drive slow and you’ll know when it’s the spot – the road is wider and you can see the start of the trail to the right. **There are no signs at the start of the trail.** The actual hike is super short (about 1km). At the top, there will be two choices: to go down towards the water, or follow a trail to the left. To get to the waterfall, follow the trail to the left!! It will be clear how to get to the waterfall from there, there is a ladder and rope that helps you get down as well. You can reach the top of the waterfall and then you can also climb under and even go swimming in the summer. Enjoy!!! Continue reading

Solo Travel: One Week in O’ahu, Hawaii

Flight: Westjet Toronto-Vancouver-Honolulu

March 29-April5

Hostel: HI Waikiki Interantional Hostel

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Out of all the Hawaiian Islands, I decided to go to Oahu. I heard that in order to explore the other islands that you needed to rent a car and I didn’t have that in my budget for the week. However, after talking to a friend who recently visited Maui, I was told that the hostel he stayed at would provide shuttles to the spots that visitors wanted to see – so definitely check that out if you’re trying to decide between islands and won’t be renting a car. Oahu has a reliable and easy bus system which made travelling the island much cheaper. It’s only 2.50 for a one way trip and you can get all the way around the island by bus.. it just may take a while. Continue reading

My Life Inflight: March

Hi fraaaandss! Its that time of the month again (…noooo not that time ;)) but time to share all my adventures and memories from the past month! This month has been full of pure embarrassment. I honestly embarrassed myself at least once each pairing. So please enjoy and try to really imagine these things actually happening… because they really did. I guess now I’ll have lots to say when people ask what my most embarrassing moment was… fml 

1. I fell over during the safety demo 

Why not start it off with a real winner, right? I was standing in front of a full flight of people, who for some reason were actually paying attention to us doing our little safety dance. The pilots were taxiing us to the runway and I was showing everyone our groovy flour lighting when the pilots took a bit too sharp of a turn and I went right with that floor lighting onto the floor in front of everyone. Everyone laughed. Like LAUGHED, laughed. Then we had to continue with the french version while tears from laughter rolled down my red stained embarrassed cheeks.

2. I sang on the mic for a little boys birthday 

While we were boarding, a mom came up to me and told me it was her sons birthday and asked if there was anything we could do for him.. of course I immediately said yes but realized this might be putting me in a nice embarrassing situation. We were waiting for one moe guest so it was perfect timing to announce this little boys birthday.. and agree to sing happy birthday to him on the mic… in front of yet another full flight. I warned them that I was not nearly a good singer and then belted my little embarrassed heart out. Tbh though it was really cute. 

3. Said wrong destination during safety demo 

This one actually happened more than once this month. We were landing in Quebec City, but I had been so used to going to Thunder Bay that I announced that we had landed in Thunder Bay without even realizing that I had. A man was hollering of laughter in the front and I was clueless as to why. He just kept looking out the window laughing being like OH this looks a little different than thunder bay in his French accent. Fml it wasn’t till he was leaving that I realized I had messed up and said the wrong place… at least he thought I did it on purpose as a joke?

4. Captain said we were heading to Captain

And all the ladies loved it. They were like “ou our final destination is our captain eh?” That one was his mistake not mine.. but still absolutely hilarious. 

5. Played war with a grade 6 kid the entire flight

You know… like the card game. It was a 6 am flight and he was travelling with his parents on vacation, so naturally they were both sleeping and didn’t want to play with him. Me, on the other hand, was ready to kick some butt and show off my card game skills. As any game of war goes, an hour and thirty minutes later, and it was still a tie. So when the captain called for us to secure for landing I told him I was sorry that he lost and hoped he would have better luck next time. #savage

6. Weekends OFF 

This month I bid a little differently and asked for thurs-fri-sat off to spend with my peeps back in tbay. It was actually such a great month with the perfect balance of work (so basically play) and play. 

7. Make a Wish Flight 

I had my first make a wish flight!!!! I was so excited about this one. It was a little boy heading to Disney with his family. When we made the announcement after takeoff, everyone was cheering and whistling for him, then the other flight attendant came to the back galley with me laughing.. he was sleeping through the entire thing hahaha. 

8. Saw the Northern Lights x2!!! 

This will forever be one of my favourite things about flying, getting to see the Northern Lights from the flight deck. I’ve been so lucky to see them twice this month – both heading to Thunder Bay! What an unreal experience.


We had just taken off and I had heard the wheels go up and then a few seconds later I heard another loud thud – poor little guy did not make it through that one – and luckily the plane was good to go so we kept on going. 

10. 5 Day Pairing in 7/10 provinces 

I ended this month with a phenomenal pairing that brought me all over Canada.. getting to see its beauty from both oceans all in 5 days. Truly something spectacular that I am so grateful to have gotten to experience. 

Starting next month in Hawaii….. so you KNOW it’ll be a good one. 

Xx, S  

5 Day Pairing out West

Being a YYZ based Flight Attendant means that I mostly fly on the East Coast and it’s pretty rare to get out West.. so I was very excited when I was able to switch with another FA to spend 5 days all over the country – what an experience! In 5 days we landed in all but 3 provinces, and flew across the country viewing both Oceans and Canada’s amazing landscape. It was a true privilege and brought me back down to Earth (but at 25,000 ft.). It was a shift that reminded me how much of a privilege it is to work in this industry and experience things that most people will never get to experience in their entire lives. In 5 days I saw the Northern Lights while heading out to Thunder Bay, flew over the Rocky Mountains, saw both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, had a French flight to Quebec, and hit a bird for the first time too (poor little guy)! What made this pairing truly spectacular though, was the awesome people I got to work with. This industry would be great no matter what, but only these people I work with are what make it phenomenal. Having a crew that will call you up once the clouds break and you can see the Rockies from the flight deck, or just let you sit and watch the Northern Lights with them at 1 am is something very special. It’s also amazing to have people who are so positive and can laugh things off – which is much needed because when you’re working multiple 11 hour days in a row there are bound to be some funny moments. Like when our Captain made an announcement saying he was Calgary and we were heading off to Captain… never living that one down ;). 

Day before my pairing: Commuting to Toronto from Thunder Bay to start my pairing the next day

Day 1: made our way out to Halifax and back to London, ON for the night! Made the most of our light loads and long day

Day 2: Had a Quebec City turn and then off to Thunder Bay. Despite a few delays, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset in Quebec, and the Northern Lights out to Thunder Bay. 

Day 3: Now, this was the day we had all been waiting for. It was a long one thats for sure but we were all so excited – stopping in every province from Ontario – Vancouver Island, British Columbia!

Day 4: We went for a little walk in windy Comox and grabbed some breakfast before heading out again to make our way to Regina. 

Day 5: We were so sad that it was coming to an end… but what an amazing couple of days! We walked around in Regina listening to their local tourist song…. if you haven’t heard it then you really need to LOL youtube “Expereince Regina” and you will not be disappointed 🙂 


Xx, S 

My Life Inflight: February 

1. Surprise in Ottawa! 

One of my good friends and her boyfriend had to do a few months of long distance and we all know long distance sucks so we decided to use some of my travel benefits and surprise him for the weekend. He thought that I had a layover in Ottawa and was just going to pick me by myself up from the airport to go grab some drinks. Little did he know I was also bringing along his girlfriend and two other good friends of ours! It was the best way to start off the month. 

2. London for the weekend!

The longest stretch of days I had off this month was 4 days, but that didn’t stop me from going somewhere fun. I wanted to go down south and lounge on a beach but unfortunately all the flights were full because of reading week – so London it was! I got to spend the weekend in the UK with two other of my friends. You can read all about it here!

3. Working with a good friend of mine!

I got to work with a good friend of mine from training and we had a great time with a 4 day pairing in thunder bay!

4. Valentines Day treats

My man took me out for an earlier valentines day dinner (to accommodate my crazy schedule) and then on the real day he got the hotel I was staying at to surprise me with flowers and then surprised me himself with a thoughtful and amazing gift……. im the luckiest person alive. 

5. I mean… I think taking a photo in a red phone booth should have its own section?

February was a busy month that went by too quickly, and I’m expecting March to be just the same (with a little more crazy people involved…. wait for “My Life Inflight: March” to hear more about that one…), but exciting travel plans will be taking me to new corners of the world in April and May. Stay tuned! 

xx, S