Zaful Dress Haul Review

1. Lace Trim Trapeze Sundress – White SScreen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.08.36 PM

The material is more thin than the picture looks which makes the dress a bit see-through. I still like it though, but will only be wearing it at the beach or in very casual settings. It fits a bit on the larger size. Overall, I’m happy with this dress. Continue reading “Zaful Dress Haul Review”


Packing list: Southeast Asia


Dresses x3 – casual & evening
Shorts x3 – workout, jeans & casual
Tanks x3
T shirts x5
Elephant Pants
Socks x8
Underwear x14
Swimsuits x3
Bra x3 – regular & sports bras
Sweater – for cold bus rides and morning hikes
Rain jacket
Sarong – good for the beach, covering up, and as a blanket for flights or cold bus rides Continue reading “Packing list: Southeast Asia”

What’s Next?

Hey blogger fam!

I’ve realized lately a lot has changed in my life and I haven’t posted much about what’s up next travel wise. I just left my job as a flight attendant (WHAT? I know. chaos.) and am now heading to Southeast Asia for 2 months! I can’t wait for all the food, beaches, and crazy adventures that are about to happen.  Continue reading “What’s Next?”

Crossing the border Mexico to Belize with ADO bus

Crossing the border from Mexico to Belize is relatively easy and hassle free. Most backpackers will take the ADO bus from Mexico to Belize City. You can catch this bus anywhere in Quintana Roo to Belize City. A lot of people stop in Bacalar, Mexico for a night or two before crossing but you can leave straight from Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, or Tulum or where ever the ADO bus connects. Continue reading “Crossing the border Mexico to Belize with ADO bus”

Backpacking Mexico

I didn’t spend a lot of time in Mexico so I am by no means an expert on this topic. From my time here though I can say that backpacking Mexico is relatively simple and there are tons of tourists and other backpackers around. I flew into Cancun and travelled south in Quintana Roo through Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Bacalar. Continue reading “Backpacking Mexico”

How to Plan the Perfect Trip

Planning a trip can be stressful. Trying to balance budgets, time, transportation, weather, etc. can leave you frazzled when you want to just be excited for your adventure. I get you. Every time I plan a trip it’s the same thing – I end up stressed the week before rushing to finalize plans or change plans or buying things that I forgot or making packing lists and itineraries and it’s a whole lot of organizing and planning and replanning and changing my mind over and over again. Continue reading “How to Plan the Perfect Trip”

10 Best Parts of Being a Flight Attendant 

1. The Travel Benefits

I got into this job because I wanted to travel around the world and I didn’t want to spend all my money doing it. My salary as a flight attendant is not amazing, but regardless I’ve been able to live this incredible life while working at this job thanks to those travel benefits. Last year I travelled almost every month – to Hawaii twice, Europe 4 times and I even made it down to Fiji! Not only do we get sweet deals with our own company, but we also get standby prices with our partner airlines so we can travel all around the world on standby. Continue reading “10 Best Parts of Being a Flight Attendant ”

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