My Top 10 Travel Must Haves

1. Luxy Lemon Charing Phone case I say a luxy lemon one because they are cute as heck (not sponsored) but really any charging phone case is super handy. It's the best for long days so you don't need to stress about not having access to a map, tickets, or addresses for your accommodation! 2.... Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Cramps on a Flight

When working as a Flight Attendant I had the misfortune of having to fly multiple flights a day when it feels like someone is stabbing my insides and all I want to do is die of pain curled up in a ball with a hot pack. There's no avoiding it, you have to catch your... Continue Reading →

How to Plan the Perfect Trip

Planning a trip can be stressful. Trying to balance budgets, time, transportation, weather, etc. can leave you frazzled when you want to just be excited for your adventure. I get you. Every time I plan a trip it's the same thing - I end up stressed the week before rushing to finalize plans or change... Continue Reading →

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5 Things to do in Lyon, France

1. Eat everything!  Lyon is the gastronomic center of France... and France is what, the gastronomic center of the world? So basically Lyon is where the best food in the world can be found. There are hundreds of delicious restaurants catering to all budgets just calling your names. Time to dig in! Yes, this is... Continue Reading →

What it Takes to Become a Flight Attendant

Application  They never told us specifically what it was that made them pick our applications amongst the many they received. I have a degree, I’ve done a lot of international travel in the form of volunteering and studying abroad, I've volunteered with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters for many years, and I have worked as a... Continue Reading →

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