10 Best Parts of Being a Flight Attendant 

1. Getting to work with awesome people from all over Canada 2. The other crew members that you work with  3. The travel benefits… obviously  4. The unique experiences that you get like seeing northern  5. Airport deals 6. Lounge passes being worth it.. so when you travel on your own you feel like a […]

My Life Inflight: June

oooohhhh we're halfway thereeee ooooohhhh. Can you believe it? Already half way through 2017. I can't believe how quickly it's gone by. I'm so grateful for all the amazing experiences (and crazy ones) i've had the past few months. I'm even more grateful for all the wonderful places it has taken me - across Canada... Continue Reading →

My Life Inflight: March

Hi fraaaandss! Its that time of the month again (...noooo not that time ;)) but time to share all my adventures and memories from the past month! This month has been full of pure embarrassment. I honestly embarrassed myself at least once each pairing. So please enjoy and try to really imagine these things actually... Continue Reading →

5 Day Pairing out West

Being a YYZ based Flight Attendant means that I mostly fly on the East Coast and it's pretty rare to get out West.. so I was very excited when I was able to switch with another FA to spend 5 days all over the country - what an experience! In 5 days we landed in... Continue Reading →

Three Days in Busy Busy London 

I had four days off between shifts this past weekend and wanted to go on an adventure but because of reading week, all the beach destinations had full flights - so London, England it was! I arrived on a Saturday afternoon and was completely taken away by just how many people were in London. I've... Continue Reading →

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