Day 2: Walking on Glaciers

Ideally, I’d like to start this off by saying we woke up at the crack of dawn with birds chirping and the smell of nature in the air. But that would be misleading, because in reality we woke up many times throughout the night - frozen, sore, and with the not-so-lovely sounds of a woodpecker on... Continue Reading →

Adventuring in South Africa

How does sky diving in Cape Town, getting a birds eye view of the ocean, beaches and table mountain sound? Or what about bungee-jumping off Bloukrans Bridge at 216 m, one of the worlds highest bungee jumping sites? Even better, coming face to face with a great white shark, or climbing one of the 7... Continue Reading →

Guys, I went to Sweden!

As I sat on my flight to Stockholm I thought about the number of flights I had actually been on in the past 3 months. I counted Nineteen. Nineteen flights! Wow. Nineteen times I got to experience the most amazing thing in the world. Nineteen times I got to the arrivals gate, and had no... Continue Reading →

Solo Female Travel: Portugal

Here it is, the most talked about topic for us lady backpackers. I got all sorts of different reactions when people heard that I was travelling by myself. Some people were completely nonchalant about it, others looked at me with sad eyes, and still others applauded me. So here are some truths about my solo... Continue Reading →

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