50 Things I’m Thankful For

I’ve been so busy lately that I almost forgot about my favourite blog post of the year! If it wasn’t for my partner, I wouldn’t have remembered – and that will definitely be my 1st thing I’m grateful for .. my guy ACTUALLY listening when I talk about my blog!?! This is my 6th annualContinue reading “50 Things I’m Thankful For”

50 Things I’m Grateful For

This year marks year 5 of my little tradition where I list 50 things I’m grateful for today to celebrate Thanksgiving. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know this all started when I was on an exchange in France while in university. I was coming home from a weekend inContinue reading “50 Things I’m Grateful For”

50 Things I’m Thankful For

Awe this post makes me so happy every year. This tradition started for me in 2014, when I realized as I took the last bite out of a stale rice cake sitting at an airport waiting for my flight back to Lyon, France – that it was indeed thanksgiving. And while I was barely enjoyingContinue reading “50 Things I’m Thankful For”

Day 5: Canyonlands National Park and Colorado

We headed to Canyonlands National Park first, which was only about 30 minutes from Moab. This Park was a bit different from the rest we had visited. The reason for this may have been its size – this place was freaking HUGE.  It seemed like the canyons went on forever. Had we had bikes thisContinue reading “Day 5: Canyonlands National Park and Colorado”

My Life Inflight: April

This month has been something else. It has completely tested my patience and has made me question my sanity more than once. It started off superb with a week in a Hawaii, but I had some pretty frustrating pairings because of the runway construction happening in YYZ…. well I’ll just let you guys read aboutContinue reading “My Life Inflight: April”

Wolf River Falls

Hike: Wolf River Falls, Dorion, Ontario Directions: Follow highway 17 towards Dorion for about 40minutes. You’ll turn left on Fish Hatchery Road west and drive along it for 6 km. There will be three right turns, but they are good signs and its easy to follow. Then you will turn right onto Wolf Lake Road.Continue reading “Wolf River Falls”

5 Day Pairing out West

Being a YYZ based Flight Attendant means that I mostly fly on the East Coast and it’s pretty rare to get out West.. so I was very excited when I was able to switch with another FA to spend 5 days all over the country – what an experience!

My life Inflight: January

Working as a flight attendant has given me the craziest, hilarious and most wonderful memories. I’m constantly living an adventure and decided that each month I’ll post my most memorable moments. Here’s what happened to me in January… Enjoy! 1. I had my first medical emergency! After several delays and battling a snow storm, myContinue reading “My life Inflight: January”