10 Day in Sri Lanka

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted a good ole’ travel blog! The whole blogging world has changed and grown so much since I first start this little site in 2014. I think for a while I got pretty caught up in trying to keep up with the hype of it all and lostContinue reading “10 Day in Sri Lanka”

How to Plan the Perfect Trip

Planning a trip can be stressful. Trying to balance budgets, time, transportation, weather, etc. can leave you frazzled when you want to just be excited for your adventure. I get you. Every time I plan a trip it’s the same thing – I end up stressed the week before rushing to finalize plans or changeContinue reading “How to Plan the Perfect Trip”

My Bucket List

Continents:  North America South America Africa Europe Asia Antartica Australia Places to go next:  Iceland Tanzania Salt Flats in Bolivia (both dry and wet) Malaysia Nepal Things to do:  Swim with whales Semester abroad  Shark Diving  See the Northern Lights in Iceland Blue Lagoon in Iceland Zanzibar Climb Kilimanjaro Skydiving Base camp of Everest GetContinue reading “My Bucket List”

Follow me on Social Media

Hello blogger family, I’d love to connect with you guys on other social media platforms if you have them! Add me on snapchat or instagram to follow my travel updates! Instagram: stephnordlund Snapchat: stephnordlund Tumblr: travelbugsteph Twitter: stephnordlund Facebook: Stephanie Nordlund xx S

50 Ultimate Travel Songs

Over the past few months I’ve gathered songs and compiled a playlist that I love to listen to when travelling. Wether it’s on a plane, train, bus, metro, tram, whatever – these songs always make me feel happy and inspired.  I hope you like them as much as I do and enjoy your travels!! You canContinue reading “50 Ultimate Travel Songs”

Amsterdam 101

I love Amsterdam. Out of all the big cities I’ve visited, I would chose Amsterdam in a heart beat to live in. It’s beautiful, fun, safe, it has delicious food, stunning canals, great nightlife and there are endless places to visit. Can I go back yet? I left for Amsterdam Thursday afternoon from Lyon, France.Continue reading “Amsterdam 101”

20 Ways To Stay Positive When You’re Travelling, Broke and Stressed-Out

Most people have this idea that travelling is an easy peasy lemon squeezy walk in the park where you get to lounge on beaches, drink cocktails and flirt with foreigners. (And hey, sometimes that’s the case). But most of them time it entails waiting in lines for hours, getting lost (often), getting your things stolenContinue reading “20 Ways To Stay Positive When You’re Travelling, Broke and Stressed-Out”