My Top 10 Travel Must Haves

1. Luxy Lemon Charing Phone case I say a luxy lemon one because they are cute as heck (not sponsored) but really any charging phone case is super handy. It’s the best for long days so you don’t need to stress about not having access to a map, tickets, or addresses for your accommodation!

Weird Things Flight Attendants Do

**I don’t work as a flight attendant anymore, but I found this post I wrote months ago and still find it very relatable so I thought I’d share!** I’ve been thinking about all the things that people give me weird looks for but that have become very normalized to me. Flight attendants are a strangeContinue reading “Weird Things Flight Attendants Do”

How to Deal with Cramps on a Flight

When working as a Flight Attendant I had the misfortune of having to fly multiple flights a day when it feels like someone is stabbing my insides and all I want to do is die of pain curled up in a ball with a hot pack. There’s no avoiding it, you have to catch yourContinue reading “How to Deal with Cramps on a Flight”

10 Best Parts of Being a Flight Attendant 

1. Getting to work with awesome people from all over Canada 2. The other crew members that you work with  3. The travel benefits… obviously  4. The unique experiences that you get like seeing northern  5. Airport deals 6. Lounge passes being worth it.. so when you travel on your own you feel like a […]

What to do when you’re stuck in an airport all day

Working as a Flight Attendant, especially living in a city different than the one I work in, I spend a stupid amount of time waiting around in airports. When I commute home I fly standby, so sometimes that means I finish work and still have to wait 10+ hours till I’m able to make itContinue reading “What to do when you’re stuck in an airport all day”

2018 Bucket List

I thought about making new years resolutions but since they’ve never really worked out in the past, this year I’m going to make a bucket list. Here’s to the new adventures and experiences I hope to accomplish in 2018! #1 learn how to rock climb #2 try anti gravity yoga

Standby Adventures: Fiji to Thunder Bay

Getting home from Fiji standby took multiple tries and ended up being quite the story. I ended up writing about my experiences as they happened and I hope you enjoy!