What’s Next?

Hey blogger fam! I’ve realized lately a lot has changed in my life and I haven’t posted much about what’s up next travel wise. I just left my job as a flight attendant (WHAT? I know. chaos.) and am now heading to Southeast Asia for 2 months! I can’t wait for all the food, beaches,Continue reading “What’s Next?”

I need a job that pays me to travel

“I need a job that pays me to travel,” I say repeatedly to myself and anyone who would listen for the past 21 years. I’m always ogling at travel photos, reading travel books, and planning new adventures. I’m saving all my pennies, working as many jobs as possible just to make my travel plans aContinue reading “I need a job that pays me to travel”

Taking The Next Step

Exciting news!!! I have finally booked a real adventure for the first time in almost a year. I had a mini -okay not so mini- mental breakdown last week. Being in my final year of university I am constantly having a personal crisis with what I will do next year. But quite honestly the questionContinue reading “Taking The Next Step”

Culture Shock

You’ve been lucky enough to venture off into a new culture, and experience that culture with such depth that your home has become a distant memory. Without even realizing it, your life has changed drastically. You’ve become accustomed to this new environment and all the social norms that come with it. That is until youContinue reading “Culture Shock”

My response to the best day of my life

When I first started writing this post I realized how difficult it is to explain this day. The nostalgia I feel for this point in my life is so real and so strong. I have no way of connecting back to this moment, it’s not something materialistic or objective, and it’s not a place I canContinue reading “My response to the best day of my life”

15 Things France does differently than Canada

1.  Everybody, including students, reads the newspaper.  Everyone is involved in politics – not just political science majors. People know what is happening in the country, in the EU and internationally. It would be common to go to a bar and get into a debate with someone about a political issue. Politics and intellect are welcomedContinue reading “15 Things France does differently than Canada”

Aaaaaand I’m back!!

As soon as I return home from a trip the inevitable travel bug scratches its itchy claws at me to book that next adventure. I can’t sit still. I spend hours reading guidebooks and scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration. Despite not being over the jet lag from my past adventure or even having unpacked my bags,Continue reading “Aaaaaand I’m back!!”

Amsterdam 101

I love Amsterdam. Out of all the big cities I’ve visited, I would chose Amsterdam in a heart beat to live in. It’s beautiful, fun, safe, it has delicious food, stunning canals, great nightlife and there are endless places to visit. Can I go back yet? I left for Amsterdam Thursday afternoon from Lyon, France.Continue reading “Amsterdam 101”

20 Ways To Stay Positive When You’re Travelling, Broke and Stressed-Out

Most people have this idea that travelling is an easy peasy lemon squeezy walk in the park where you get to lounge on beaches, drink cocktails and flirt with foreigners. (And hey, sometimes that’s the case). But most of them time it entails waiting in lines for hours, getting lost (often), getting your things stolenContinue reading “20 Ways To Stay Positive When You’re Travelling, Broke and Stressed-Out”