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Quick Guide to Vinales, Cuba

So you've decided to travel Cuba and you're considering going to Vinales, GREAT. Here's a little guide to help you get the most out of your stay there. A lot of people will do day trips to Vinales and then cram all the touristy stuff you could possibly imagine into that day. They'll visit the... Continue Reading →

5 Things to do in Lyon, France

1. Eat everything!  Lyon is the gastronomic center of France... and France is what, the gastronomic center of the world? So basically Lyon is where the best food in the world can be found. There are hundreds of delicious restaurants catering to all budgets just calling your names. Time to dig in! Yes, this is... Continue Reading →

My Life Inflight: August

Bye, bye Summer! You were a slice! 1. Birthday Surprise I surprised a woman with a ring from her boyfriend on one of my flights!!! I was so nervous, it was embarrassing. But you should have seen the look on her face! Cutest gift ever. Site note though guys: don't surprise a girl with a... Continue Reading →

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